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Is it possible to frost fish patties

You can freeze everything, cutlets - no differencethey are fish or meat, dumplings - well, everyone knows this. If we overdo it with the amount of meat for fish cutlets, then fry all that happened, place them compactly on the cutting board (you can on the plate) and in the freezer. Then, when the fish cutlets are a little frostbitten, put them into a plastic bag. Otherwise, they can freeze and become dry, and smells too much in themselves absorb. And then, as necessary, we get the right amount and reheat it. One but - hot in the refrigerator should not be set, at first let it cool down at least to room temperature.

Of course you can. In shops and supermarkets frozen not only meat but also fish cutlets are sold. As for fried fish cutlets, it is also possible. I sometimes, when mincemeat of fish turns out I do many cutlets at once, I fry them and freeze them. Then they just boil them in sauce or fry again in the oven or just warm it up in the microwave. In addition, I believe that it is very convenient and fast.

The only thing that I necessarily do beforeI crumble cutlets in breadcrumbs, fry them to a ruddy crust, pull them out to make the oil, cool it and put it in a plastic container, close it with a lid and put it in the freezer.

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