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Is it possible to smoke frozen fish of crucian carp

Such a crucian habitual in all regions hasbright taste and soft consistency. This kind of fish is good for frying, it gives excellent colors to the taste and aroma of the ears, it is stewed and dried. But an absolutely amazing dish can be obtained by smoking. This exquisite delicacy can decorate even the festive table. About his preparation for smoking and ways of cooking in a smokehouse, you will learn in this article.

Smoked carp is a delicious dish, but hereto acquire it is very problematic, since it is not produced on an industrial scale. But you can cook it yourself, if you buy your own smokehouse. Today, there are a lot of options for this equipment: from models for smoking in nature to cooking in the home of ordinary cuisine in a multi-unit town house. Smoking of crucian cares differs little from other types of fish. Recipes there are many, in fact, every fisherman and owner has his own - unique and the best. But before you smoke, you must first prepare the carcass.

Preparation of carcasses for smoking is carried outalmost the same, regardless of the selected recipe, that is, the crucian carp for cold smoking is similar to all other methods of cooking in smoke:

  • Fish can be gutted and cleaned, or you can not do it.
  • Carrous must be rubbed with salt and black pepper, and you can also use seasonings, herbs or spices. Ingredients are also laid in gills.
  • The carcasses are laid in a plate and pressed downthe press. If it is possible to put the container in the refrigerator, it is better to use it. There, the plate should stay for one and a half hours. At room temperature, the ambassador will be carried out more quickly, but will be uneven.
  • After extracting the fish, it must be thoroughly rinsed from excess salt.
  • Then the carcasses are hung in a place where there are movements of air. They must completely dry out and even slightly wax.

Smoked carp in the home can beprepared in various ways, which can be conditionally classified into natural and chemical. The first type involves the processing of fish with smoke from sawdust or chips. In the second case, different chemical compounds are used, for example, it can be processed with crucian liquid smoke.

Carp of cold smoking cooks for a long time,especially if they are big fish. In this case, the prepared carcasses are put on hooks or laid on the grate. The temperature in the smokehouse should not exceed 30 degrees C, but this figure depends on the size of the fish. The time of preparation depends on the same factor. For cold smoking of small carcasses, 4-6 hours will be enough, for more weighty fish it will take from 1 day to 2 days. The giant giants will be cooked for 36 hours.

Important! If you smoke carp, then after their preparation you do not need to immediately remove them from the smokehouse. They must cool down with it. For smoking, use sawdust or wood chips, preferably if it is alder, oak or fruit trees. To give the dish an extra flavor, you can add a sprig of juniper or other fragrant plant a few hours before the end of cooking.

Carp of hot smoking cooks faster. For cooking, you first need to warm up the smokehouse to +65 degrees C. Then the carcasses are placed in it, it is better if they are laid out on a baking sheet or grill. Depending on the size of the carcass, the smoking time can vary from one and a half to four hours. It is important to open the equipment hatch from time to time to release excess smoke. Otherwise, the dish can acquire a dark unpleasant color and will be bitter.

Important! Practice shows that if you want to smoke large carp, it is better to choose hot smoking. The carcass should be gutted, and any gruel should be placed in the peritoneum. Such a filling will take away excess fluid and fat. If the weight of the fish is more than 1 kilogram, it is better to make an incision on the back.

Treatment with liquid smoke at home -method uncomplicated. He does not need equipment, just a bottle of liquid called "liquid smoke". Although there are other recipes. For example, smoking in the most popular multivark today. For this, the fish must be cleaned and gutted, salt, pepper and cover with liquid smoke. Then the carcasses are packed in foil and placed on the bottom of the container. The technique is set to the baking mode. The process lasts for half an hour. To the subspecies of such treatment is the giving of color to the carcasses with the help of saturated tea brewing or infusion of husks. But this recipe will only give a mouth-watering golden color dish.

If you know any peculiarities of smoking the carp (including liquid smoke) at home, tell about them in the comment block.

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