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Can I freeze fried fish

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  • To deliver fresh fish to Russianshops, it has to be frozen and transported in special refrigerators. This method of conservation has almost no effect on the quality of fish, provided that the freezing technology will be observed, as well as the technology of its storage. In the industrial freezing of fish, a fast method is used when it is cooled to low temperatures within the cryohydrate point of the solution of the salts and nitrogenous substances contained in its tissues. With this method, the structure of its tissues is not disturbed, and the processes of vital activity of microorganisms and tissue enzymes, as well as the oxidative decomposition of fats contained in fish, are dramatically slowed down.

    In the frozen form today, almost allspecies of fish, so you can always get it for a particular dish, which you plan to cook after a while. The shelf life and storage of frozen fish at home depends on the type of fish, the temperature that the freezer provides, and the way to freeze. So, glazed fish is stored on average a month longer than naturally frozen fish, and freshwater fish can be stored longer than sea fish. It is impossible to defrost the fish in the water, especially in flowing, you will lose many of its nutritional properties.

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    • - Plastic container;
    • - Water filter;
    • - Water;
    • - Freezing chamber.
    • The healing qualities of melt water and methods of obtaining it
    • Use of melt water

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  • First, we determine what is given for suchrecommendations. They are given, as a rule, for our food to be useful. In that case, there should not be any talk about frying, in principle. Because, whatever the oil, at high temperatures it emits harmful substances. And the difference in the properties of oils during frying, whether refined or unrefined, does not play a big role.

    When frying, trans fats are formed. This, in turn, leads to clogging of the vessels, atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is by no means the only threat of eating foods after frying. Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and oncological diseases can also occur.

    Most housewives do not use butterrepeatedly. But if we are talking about the production of products on an industrial scale or about public catering establishments, then the situation is quite different. And in this case, products that have been treated with oil, which are used repeatedly, are toxic and very harmful to health.

    The difference between home food and producecatering is significant. But in any case, the food that has undergone the frying process is not healthy. If we are talking about the process, when a ruddy, golden crust forms on food products, then it is undoubtedly a question of high temperature. When the oil is heated to such high levels, mutagens are formed which adversely affect the DNA of the cells.

    It is quite another matter if we are talking about suchways of cooking, like quenching, languor or steaming with the addition of oil. Because at a low temperature, up to one hundred and fifty degrees, useful acids contained in the oil do not break down and carcinogens are not formed. If the temperature is higher, then harmful substances are released. And there is no difference what kind of oil to use.

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  • Before frying the fish in a frying pan,must be divided into portions (small fish can be fried whole), rubbed with salt and left for 10-13 minutes. To improve the taste of sea fish, it can be poured with lemon juice.

    After the fish is ready for frying, putfrying pan on fire and vegetable oil is poured in. The fish are dumped in flour and put in a frying pan. Fat should only cover the fish in half, so that it is not too greasy. To fish turned out even more delicious, you should put butter cream.

    Do not store fish for a long time in a frying pan.it is recommended that the meat is not dry. It is enough to fry it until a crispy crusty crust appears and then put in the oven for 10 minutes. There, the fish will fully reach the ready.

    This way of cooking you can cook any fish.

    Fry fish on an open fire can be on a spit,grill grill or skewers. When frying fish on a grate, you need to consider one feature. In order for the fish not to stick to the grill, it is necessary to lubricate the rods with vegetable or bacon oil beforehand. Then it will be possible to preserve the integrity of the finished fish. Before you put the fish on the grill, it must be dried, rubbed with salt, pepper, butter, sprinkle with breadcrumbs. On the grill, the fish are fried on both sides.

    When frying fish on skewers, it will be possible to preserve its integrity and fry evenly from all sides. But with this method of frying it will not be possible to lay spicy herbs in the abdomen.

    When frying on a spit, preference is given to sturgeon species of fish. In order to emphasize its aroma, the fish are poured with creamy melted butter.

    For cooking deep-fried fisha large amount of vegetable oil, which must completely cover the fish, and dishes with thick walls and bottom. Fish should be pre-prepared. Her pepper, salt, sprinkle with lemon juice and sprinkle with flour or breadcrumbs for breading. The oil can be used sunflower or olive oil. After the oil is warmed, the prepared fish is lowered into it. Fry until you acquire a golden hue. This way, any fish is cooked, but especially delicious is sturgeon, cod, zander or navaga.

    In deep-frying, you can cook fish in batter. To do this, slices of prepared fish with a fork lower into the batter, and then put into the deep-fryer. After roasting, the fish should be laid out on the paper in order to remove excess fat.

    To fried fish, garnishes fromgreens, potatoes, vegetables and rice. And marinades and pickles are emphasized and so unique taste. Decorate a dish of fried fish can be onion rings, greens or lemon.

    Potatoes, peeled and sliced, help to get rid of the smell of fish during frying in a pan. To do this, it simply needs to be put in the oil during frying.

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