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Can I freeze boiled fish

all ready-made meals can be frozen and stored up to3 months, the main thing is very tightly packed, so as not to dry. And you still need to defrost slowly, just on the table (not in the microwave, it will be like rubber), and it would be nice to boil with some sauce (tomato, for example), it will be even tastier.

Fried fish can be frozen, but it is desirable that it was a boneless fillet, which was previously fried. Pack the fish in a bag or food foil and send it to the freezer.

And when you need to eat it, you get it and just warm it in the microwave.

In principle, to taste it remains the same,so it can be eaten after freezing. But you need to do this once and after a defrost and warm-up immediately eat. Not bad kept a fish of red varieties or white. I freeze the fish when it stays and then it's warm, it's fine for a while, certainly within reason.

There are situations when fried fishremains uneaten, for example, it has been prepared too much, and for example a man needs to go on a business trip and is very sorry to throw out a tasty fish, but at the same time, it can deteriorate simply in the refrigerator. In this case, it can be frozen, and it will be stored in the freezer. It will not spoil, it can be safely eat after defrosting. It is also possible to freeze and raw fish without heat treatment, for example, billets for fish steaks. If you are going to make such blanks for steaks, then pieces of fish should be put on foil, on top of them - onion rings and carrot slices, wrap in foil, then can also be packaged and put into the freezer.

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