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Can I freeze fish with guts and scales?

If the husband brought with fishing a large pike catch orthe store showed a fresh and very good fish, you can buy it and save it for the future with the help of freezing. If everything is done correctly and on time, the fish will remain fresh for a long time.

To keep the taste and freshnessfish, it must be properly prepared for freezing. First of all, we need to decide what we want from the pike, it will be in the future forshmak, steaks, baked fish or cutlets, the ways of freezing depend on this. Do not store uncleaned and uneaten fish. Do not re-freeze the fish. In no case is it necessary to give the pike a "lie down" in the refrigerator, the less time will pass between the catch and the frost, the better the finished product will turn out. It is best to freeze fish suitable freezer quick freezing, ideal if the temperature in it will be -18 degrees.

If the hostess plans to prepare a stuffedfish, then you need to take off her skin, the so-called "stocking." To do this, do not rush and cut the pike over the abdomen to gut, you can cut the fins, make an incision around the head and gently remove the skin. Beforehand, you only need to carefully clean the scales so as not to damage the delicate skin. When the "stocking" is separated, gently relieve the pike from the entrails, remove the bones and chop the meat in the meat grinder. Next, the stocking needs to be folded neatly, and the fish mince packs in batches or plastic sachets.

Very tasty you can cook pike, bakedentirely. To freeze a fish for such a dish is perhaps the easiest. First of all, we clean the carcass from the scales, cut the fins, gut, thoroughly rinse, put it in the bag and into the freezer. It is better not to cut off the head, in this form the baked pike looks much more effective.

You can prepare a pike very neatly and nicelyfor frying or baking in the form of steaks. We clean and gut the fish as in the previous case, only the head is cut off. Then cut the pike carcass into portions of the desired thickness, carefully put it in a convenient container or bag and send it to the freezer for storage. You do not need to throw out your head, you can also freeze it and later cook a gorgeous ear or jelly.

How to properly freeze a pike for the winter can look at the video

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