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Is it possible to freeze balyk from fish

Very many gourmands love to pamper themselvessmoked fish - a delicious and high-calorie product with a specific taste and aroma. It is known that for a longer period, compared with fresh, it remains suitable for nutrition. At the same time, how to store smoked fish at home is correct, not everyone knows.

Storage of this product in the refrigerator has a certain time. Everything will depend on what kind of smoking method was used, as well as on some other factors.

Hot way fish is smoked during the created temperature regime - not lower than 80 and not above 170 degrees Celsius.

A cold way is obtained when the smoke passes throughlong chimney, while remaining cool. The temperature does not exceed 40 degrees. The complexity of the process with this method, of course, increases, but the quality of the products is significantly improved.

When combined, or semi-hot, smoking temperature is maintained from 50 to 80 degrees, which gives the finished product special properties both in taste and in terms of storage.

Among professionals, in addition, appliedclassification, which takes into account the manner in which wood is decomposed. Distinguish smoking smokeless, smokeless, wet and mixed, but for the period of storage of finished smoked products, this aspect is practically not affected, so it does not make sense to take it into account.

In order to produce smoking products in the refrigeratoras long as it remains in the normal state, you need to ensure that the internal chamber of the refrigeration unit is supported by the appropriate conditions, and specifically considered three parameters.

Temperature regime. When storing the product, cooked hot, the temperature should be plus or minus two degrees. Fish cold smoked should be stored at a temperature of zero - minus five degrees.

The humidity level should be maintained around 90percent. A lower figure will help the fish to dry and lose its qualities, if the moisture is high, the product may become moldy.

Presence of ventilation. The refrigerating chamber should be sometimes opened, that there was an opportunity of change of air in it. Fish should not be packaged in a container that does not allow air to pass through. The only exception is vacuum packaging, which allows the creation of a completely airless environment.

The most quickly deteriorated fish, cookedhot smoked way. Placed in a refrigerator, it loses its original taste properties on the fourth day, even if all of the above parameters are perfectly observed.

If these conditions are not supported, then the terms of safe storage of such products are further reduced.

Cold smoked fish in the freezer at a temperature of minus 2-5 degrees receives multiple times of storage.

Cold smoking method allows you to store such products for a longer time due to the content in it of a small amount of moisture, high salt content and the presence of bactericidal components.

Cooked in this way, smoked herring, mackerel or horse mackerel can be stored for 50-60 days. More resistant varieties of fish can be stored in this way up to 75 days.

Many modern housewives know how to store smoked fish and a longer period.

The simplest and most effective way to extend the shelf-life of such products is to use a special vacuum container.

Currently, any hardware store can offer similar packaging at a fairly low price, while the effect of its application will be quite significant.

By placing the smoked fish in an airtight shell where an airless space is created inside, you can be sure of safe storage of the product for a period of three months.

A significant increase in the shelf life of smoked fish can also be achieved by deep freezing. Fish frozen at minus thirty degrees can remain fresh for a month.

There is not always the possibility of deep freezingor packaging in vacuum containers, but many know how to store smoked fish in a simpler way. In this case, it is simply wrapped in foil and placed in a refrigerator. Where at temperatures up to plus two or three degrees it can maintain its taste qualities up to seven days.

Various recommendations on how to store smoked fish are available in the relevant literature.

To avoid absorption by the finished fishforeign odors, it should be wrapped in parchment or foil. Before placing smoked products in the refrigerator, it is desirable to make it defrost and rinse all the shelves.

You can not smoked fish next to any spoiled food.

You can store ready-made smoked products usingbrine solution. For its preparation, water and salt are taken in the proportion of 2: 1. The thin fabric is impregnated with the prepared solution and turns around each fish. From above, the fish is wrapped in thick paper and placed in the refrigerator, in the lowest section.

How much to store smoked fish in a freezersection of the refrigerator, noted above, but along with this, it should be remembered that, wrapping it beforehand with parchment paper, you can also save its exquisite aroma.

It is convenient to keep smoked products in an attic, placing them in tissue bags.

It is acceptable to store in small boxes, where it is scattered with sawdust or cuttings. Preliminary, the fish should be ventilated and cleaned of soot.

How to store smoked fish during a hike orpicnic in nature? In this case, a small box can also help, most importantly - do not allow flies and other insects to fly to it, and also protect from an unpleasant foreign smell.

In the process of smoking it is recommended to put on the bottom of twigs of juniper, which also positively affects the increase in the further shelf life.

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