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Is it possible to freeze salted red fish for storage

Salted herring is a favorite snack onfestive table. However, often before the solemn event, we do not have enough time to salt a tasty fish. There are two options left, either buying in the store and hoping that a good ambassador will get there, or cook in advance and put in the freezer. But here there is a natural question about whether it is possible to freeze the salted herring. Let's understand.

Herring is an incredibly useful product,which has long been used by people in food in a variety of ways. Fresh, salty, fried, it is characterized by a large number of nutrients. Unsaturated Omega-3 acids, vitamins of group B, A, D, E, PP. But, as often happens, at a time when you really want to eat fish, it is not at hand. Therefore, today we decided to find out whether it is possible to freeze the salted herring. But before proceeding to this, let us once again remember how to choose the right fish.

A good herring always has a shiny,undamaged skin of silvery color. But rusty or yellow spots speak of improper storage, it is better to refrain from such a purchase. Check the carcass for elasticity. If you squeeze a quality carcass, it immediately straightens. The eyes should be uncomplicated and slightly bulging. Very informative are the gills. If they are red, the fish is fresh. Talking about whether it is possible to freeze salted herring, it should be noted that for harvesting for the best it is best to choose the fish caught in the winter. Such specimens will be the most fatty and delicious. If the fish have a wide back and rounded sides, then it is worth collecting more and frosting for future use.

If you have a large freezer, you cantake a batch of good fish and make billets. And speaking about whether it is possible to freeze the salted herring, it is worth noting that fresh and it is not bad in the freezer. For this you need to wash it, take out the insides, dry it and pack it in polyethylene or foil. If you plan to cook something for two days, you can put it just in the refrigerator. But make sure that products, especially butter, are located far away.

If you want the herring to lay severalmonths, then you need to place it in the freezer. To do this, the fish are gutted, washed and dried, packed in bags for freezing. You can do the same in another way. First put the fish on the tray and turn on the function "superfreeze", and then decompose into packages. It is stored for a very long time and at any time you can get a fish ready for cooking.

Part of the purchased fish will necessarily go undersalting. In this case, many housewives will have a question about whether it is possible to freeze the salted herring in the freezer. Someone will argue that when defrosting the fish will lose flavor, but the practice speaks for something else. In the freezer, the fish will lie in its original form, and if visitors gather for you, simply boil the potatoes, and 30-40 minutes to get it from the freezer. Appetizing, tasty and healthy dish is ready.

To do this, you will need to prepare a deliciouspickle and lay in it for several days bought a fish. Finished carcass should be cut into pieces and placed in a food plastic container. If you want to leave a piece for food, you can pour the pieces of oil and take them to the compartment of the refrigerator. In this form, it will stand for 2-3 days.

All the fish you do not plan to eat inSoon, clean it in the freezer. Do not listen to friends who doubt whether it is possible to freeze salted herring. This method is not new at all. In Russia, you can often find on sale frozen gutted salted herring. It is harvested directly on the ships after the catch, by dry salting, and then frozen in a dry way. This fish is very tasty, but capricious in terms of storage, re-freezing, it does not tolerate, so if you do not plan to eat immediately, clean immediately into the freezer.

The fish accumulates salt concentration during storage.freezing of liquid. To prevent this from happening, it is important to tightly pack the herring in polyethylene. There you can add a little brine. If you are worried that it will become too salty, then make the ambassador less concentrated.

In general, because of salt, it does not freeze into stone,so nothing loses its flavor. If someone claims that after defrosting the fish will become soft and loose, it means that he did not try to do so once, or he thawed it under the influence of high temperatures.

We asked experts, technologistsfood industry, whether it is possible to store salted herring in the freezer. It turns out that if you properly prepare the ambassador, carefully clean the fish from the entrails and dry it, and then freeze it in a quality freezer, then you will not cause any damage to the product. You at any time are guaranteed to get a tasty and healthy snack, you just need to properly serve it on the table.

And here many make a mistake. Seeking faster to serve fish to the table, it is thawed in warm water, put on a battery or tried to warm it in a microwave. This can not be done. Getting the herring from the freezer, you need to rearrange it to the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, so that it gradually moves away. Only then you can already spread it on a dish, where it will finally get warm. If you are counting on a situation when you need to hurry to get a snack, then freeze the fish in thin slices. They can immediately be poured onto a plate and poured with oil. While you are preparing the main course, the pieces will become usable.

Another logical question is whetherfreeze salted herring and mackerel, as well as pickled, smoked and other fish. Specialists in the field of public catering and seasoned housewives say that this way you can save almost any fish. However, it is very desirable that your freezer supports the function of shock or quick freezing, and defrosting was very delicate. Do not forget that each fish should be packed in an individual plastic bag. Excellent for these purposes, fatty and very tasty mackerel. It will become not just an appetizer, but the crown of your feast, and then the guests will long ask how you have decided to pick up the mackerel right to their arrival.

Storage of salted herring in the freezer isA great solution for a busy person. At any time, if you want to make a delicious salad or just pamper yourself with a potato with a fish, you'll just get it from the freezer. There is no particular difference, salt one herring or a dozen, so you save time. It remains to choose your favorite recipe, try it out and constantly delight the family with a delicious dish.

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