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Is it possible to freeze jellied fish

After cooking, there is a problemHow to keep this or that dish for a long time. Help come ideas to cool it in the refrigerator or freeze. But some products can not be frozen, and some lose their taste after freezing. Now we are talking about a dish like jelly. But is it possible to freeze the cold in the freezer? Will he lose his taste? Will not problems in digestion? You will find out the answers by reading this article.

A very common dish in Russia is a chill, another name for it - jelly. It is not a type of jellied dishes, because jelly-like consistency of jelly gets without adding gelatin and other substances. This is an independent dish.

Very popular cold in Georgia and Ukraine. This dish is prepared from six to twelve hours. Very often such a product is added with various spicy spices, for example mustard or horseradish. Mistresses often prepare him for the festive table for a special occasion, because the cooking process is very long.

Also it needs to be cooled down correctly and only afterput it on the table. There are different cooking recipes. On the Internet you can find many ways and choose one that you like more.

On the festive table you can often see a cold. Preparation of this dish is quite a long occupation, but absolutely not difficult. there is some secrets of how to cook a cold that it would turn out very tasty:

  1. Legs of beef and pork will help the chill to freeze faster without the addition of gelatin.
  2. To make the dish more tasty, it's tedious to add different types of meat.
  3. To give a golden hue, add the onion not cleaning it, removing only the roots.
  4. The longer you cook the jelly, the more intense the taste.
  5. Meat should be disassembled by hand gently separating the fibers.
  6. The most delicious is a cold prepared from chicken meat with the addition of pork legs.
  7. In addition to the Ukrainian holodtsa, a delicious dish is prepared according to the original Georgian recipe.

The expiration date depends on the fact, how exactly was the jelly prepared:

  • If the dish was bought in the store, the expiration date will be indicated on the package. The storage conditions will also be prescribed.
  • If you have prepared the jelly on the table yourself, then at room temperature it is stored not more than twenty four hours.
  • It can be stored only in sealed containers. Suitable as a glass container, and ceramic dishes.
  • Do not consume the dish if the expiration date is over.

It is usually considered that this dish can not be stored for more than thirty-six hours at observance of a temperature mode. But many mistresses say that this is not so. Some can store the product for about a week in the refrigerator.

After the expiration date, in no case should you eat it, because meat will be oxidized, and this is fraught with serious poisoning. It is better to throw this dish and not to test fate.

In order not to translate products in vain, there are other ways of storage. It is possible to store such a product in the freezer. It is important to know:

  1. Before you freeze, you need to divide it into several servings.
  2. The first item was indicated for the reason that the jellyfish should not be frozen again.
  3. A prerequisite is to place the dish in a sealed container.
  4. The shelf life of such a product is not more than a month.
  5. Defrost it should be neat, not overheating, otherwise the dish will turn into a broth.
  6. The taste of the cold will not be the same as when cooking. Less saturated and consistency will be slightly changed.

On the question whether it is possible to freeze the cold in the freezer, the answer is - Of course you can. But be prepared for the dish can lose the original taste. And long-term storage of such a product is generally not provided.

Next, the cook and nutritionist Elena Budnikova will tell you how to cook a delicious and delicious cold, how to store it and whether it can be frozen:

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