/ / Is it possible to freeze fresh fish without gutting it?

Can I freeze fresh fish without gutting it?

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Having solved all your worries, you can now proceed to fishing.

Having caught a lot of fish, before the fishermen or their wives the question arises: "How to keep fish for a long time?". The answer is one: "It is necessary freeze fish". This process is simple, but with its own characteristics.

Many fishermen believe that river fish is necessaryeat in the first two days after its capture, otherwise it loses its flavor. This has its own share of truth. After all, the most useful and quality products are fresh products.

Freeze fish should only be fresh. A normal freezer is suitable for this. It allows you to keep fish for a long time. Someone thinks that salt should be added for better frost. This is an erroneous opinion and should not be done in this way. Salt for the period of storage does not matter. Fish should be salted during cooking, i.e. after defrosting.

Freeze fish can be entirely, or pre-cut into parts. It should be packed in paper or a plastic bag. Packaging is mandatory for storage.

Many recommend freeze fish in the ice, i. pour it with water and freeze it. I can not judge the advantage of this method and whether it prolongs the term of freezing or not. There is one drawback, which many do not like and makes think that the fish has deteriorated. The meat of the fish, after freezing in ice, becomes watery and soft.

Another thing to consider, if you have a fat fish, it is less stored than lean. For example: lean - pike, perch do not lose their taste qualities until six months.

A bad influence on the shelf life is due to partial defrosting or temporary thawing. This can happen during the washing of the freezer or a prolonged power outage.

Defrost fish should be long. You can do it in the fridge. It is not recommended to thaw it in hot water or in summer under direct sunlight.

I want to notice, if you are going to cookfish in the next two days, then it should not be frozen. You can put the fish in a dish, cover it and put it in the refrigerator on the shelf with other products. For two days the fish will not spoil and will retain all its taste qualities.

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