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How to Freeze Fish Cutlets

Any working hostess wants to save her moneytime in the kitchen, but at the same time tasty and satisfying to feed their loved ones. Ready-made shop semi-finished products are expensive, and it's unclear what is made of. The solution in this situation is the preparation of semi-finished products yourself. In particular, it is possible to cook and freeze cutlets for future use.

For frosting cutlets we cook meat or fishCutlet minced meat, as usual, according to your favorite recipe. You can add there onions, garlic, soaked loaf, egg, spices. In general, since you are used to doing. Then we form cutlets, put them in one row on a baking tray or cutting board.

We send the baking tray with cutlets in the freezer for a couple of hours. Then we take it out and pour the meat products into the bag. We put it in the freezer for further storage.

On the video Vita Vika will tell in detail about the subtleties of frosting cutlets

The surface on which we will spread the cutletsfor freezing, it is necessary to lay parchment or simply to put on top a plastic bag. And already on it to add the finished products. This is done so that during the freezing process, the semi-finished products do not stick firmly to the baking tray, and they are easily removed.

It is no secret that many families often remainafter dinner, extra chops. To keep them fresh for a long time, you can use the freeze. Ready cutlets to cool, folded in a bag or tray, sent to storage in the freezer.

Ready frozen chops can be heated onslow fire without defrosting. You can also put them out in a sauce or warm in an oven or microwave. The cutlet is already ready for use, it is just brought to the right temperature.

A little more time is needed for cookingcutlets, frozen raw. If you plan to fry them, then before you put them in a frying pan, roll in breadcrumbs. They are also prepared as fresh, only at the same time they are defrosted in a frying pan during cooking.

Using the tips above, you will not beTo puzzle, that such to prepare fast and tasty. They cooked the porridge, got the cutlet from the freezer - and the dinner is ready in a hurry. Take time for cooking homemade frozen cutlets, and you will be sure that for the whole week are provided with a delicious meat dish.

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