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Can I freeze my mammy for fishing

Of course, not all lovers spend timeWith a fishing rod on the shore of a lake or a pond, they know that mamalyga is used for fishing. Indeed, the name of the bait is not quite usual. But do not think that this is some kind of exotic product. Mamaliga is a mushy mixture, usually made from cornmeal. It is better known as a culinary dish, but anglers in the southern regions make extensive use of corn porridge as a bait. Mamaliga for fishing is an appetizing nozzle of a dense consistency, which should be firmly attached to the hook. That's why lovers of fishing should be able to properly prepare it. Corn porridge as a bait is preferred to be used as amateurs to put on a float fishing rod, so the craftsmen should go for the donka. In the second case, the mixture performs two functions at once: bait and nozzles. Mamaliga for fishing is used primarily when it comes to catching carp, bream, carp, chub, roach, bass. Fans of sitting with a fishing rod on the shore of water bodies often combine balls with hominy with other baits, which increases the chances of leaving with a rich catch.

To obtain a quality product, an angler should follow simple recommendations.

First, hominy for fishing should be preparedonly with a positive mood: in the dish you need to put a piece of your soul. Otherwise, carp or wild carp is unlikely to attract this kind of bait. What else should be remembered for those who do not know how to prepare hominy for fishing right? The bait must exude an appetizing aroma and have a bright yellow hue. To do this, you need to use quality ingredients and clean dishes. If you plan to fish at long distances, the mixture you prepare should sit tightly on the hook (nozzle) and wash out for a certain period of time from the trough (bait). It is for this reason that amateurs use donka and feeder have to prepare several variations of the above porridge, cooked according to several recipes.

What is needed in order to get excellentcorn mamaliga for fishing? There is no universal answer to this question. Everyone has their own little secrets and tricks. For some, cooking hominy for fishing is a whole culinary ritual, and for others - a simple and simple procedure.

There is a whole arsenal of ways, throughwhich is prepared bait for fish from the corn mixture. Of course, here everyone can experiment. Do not know how to properly prepare a hominy for fishing? Recipe, as a rule, involves the use of flavors, the concentration of which should not be too large.

However, some experts on fishcatching adhere to the point of view, which completely excludes the addition of odorous ingredients in hominy. Say, why do we need flavors, when the corn already exudes a clearly expressed aroma? Well, we need or do not need supplements that enhance the smell, everyone decides for himself. It should be remembered one thing: use only those aromatic components that are customary for fish. Typically, cornmeal from corn groats for fishing contains sunflower oil, crushed sunflower seeds, honey, sugar, fruit syrups. For sweets, the carp family usually responds well.

When using a feeder in fishing, veryIt is important that the hominy has a dense structure. Experts recommend that when cooking, add a little gelatin or mix ready-made hominych with plain cotton. Of course, you can go the easy way and buy a corn blend of the right consistency in a specialized store. However, it is better to learn how to prepare the above bait.

This method of cooking is optimal for those who prepare thoroughly and in advance for fishing, so this is not an option to cook corn porridge in a hurry.

Anyway, but this is a popular optioncooking product called: "Mamaliga for fishing." The recipe assumes the use of components such as wheat flour (1 part), corn flour (3 parts), flavor. You will also need a frying pan and a pan. First fry individually wheat and corn flour, and then mix these ingredients in a saucepan. Then add a small amount of water to the finished composition with a small trickle, without forgetting to stir the mixture. When the product acquires a creamy consistency, the water is no longer poured. After that, add flavor. We put the prepared mixture from the dishes in a sturdy polyethylene bag. The next step is to tightly seal the bag and place it in a container of water. Next, you need to put the pan on the fire for heat treatment of the product (from 30 minutes to 1 hour). Note that the longer the mixture is brewed, the more dense structure it acquires. After removing the mamalig from the plate, it must be left for the night in the same container. Early in the morning the mixture is extracted from the pan and in the package is delivered to the fishing place. Before the beginning of the action, the porridge should be cut through a knife into small pieces or rolled from a mixture of balls.

If you do not have a lot of time and you need to make a bait in the form of corn porridge as soon as possible, then you can use the simplest recipe.

You need only one liter of water and the sameamount of corn flour. Pour the water into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Then add the corn flour into it, turn off the plate and mix the resulting composition thoroughly. The consistency of the product should be slightly softer than plasticine. After the mixture has cooled, it should be transferred to a cellophane bag. There is no need to add any flavors to the hominy, as corn, as already emphasized, has a pronounced odor. Now you know the simplest answer to the question, how to cook hominy for fishing.

Beginners should remember that the mainthe difficulty in preparing this bait is to achieve the desired consistency. Also, corn porridge has a property to dehydrate in water, which is also not a plus for the fisherman.

Among fishermen there is an opinion that it is not necessary to spend precious time preparing hominy, which can be replaced with canned corn.

Indeed, in terms of their composition, these productspractically do not differ in any way. However, the fish catches the difference in them. It is possible to give a lot of examples, when sazan ignored grains and showed increased interest in porridge. Why? There are several reasons. Of course, the lion's share of the fishermen makes a shopping trip to buy one or two cans of canned corn, without bothering himself with the process of making bait by hand. Naturally, crucian carp and less pay attention to the grain, satiated with such a common bait, which in the store costs only 30-40 rubles. In this regard, home momalygu can be considered as some kind of exotic product, which is more preferable for representatives of ichthyofauna. In addition, it has a pleasant scent.

What is the advantage of porridge in front of the grains? Again, the whole thing is in the flavors, added to the hominy at the cooking stage: they attract fish like a magnet. Particularly not indifferent to such a bait carp, while cupid, bream and crucian cares are not averse to regale and grains.

A seasoned fisherman will never trust cooking corn porridge for someone else, since for him it is a scrupulous and scrupulous process.

The quality of the cooked bait will dependthe amount of fish caught, so it is better to prepare the above bait in advance. At the same time, do not be afraid to experiment, adding new products to the classic recipe: so you can better understand the taste preferences of fish.

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