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Can I freeze cold-smoked fish for long-term storage?

Smoked fish cooked at homewith their own hands, incredibly tasty and fragrant. It often happens that it is impossible to eat immediately after smoking. Therefore, a number of questions arise: How to store smoked fish? How many days are hot and cold-smoked fish stored? Is it possible to store frozen fish in the refrigerator? What storage conditions should be observed in order to extend the useful life of fish and preserve its useful properties?

Fish can be smoked in several ways, depending on their preferences and place of stay.

Smoked fish can be:

The taste and aroma of fish will depend on thethe type of wood used in smoking, and from the use of other smoking preparations (if used). Heat treatment kills bacteria, fats become resistant to oxidation.

Cold smoked fish is stored longer, because it is more saturated with salt and soaked in smoke much deeper. With the hot method, the fish turns out to be much juicier, but the shelf life is much less.

In industrial conditions to ensurequality fish storage, smoked, manufacturers use refrigeration equipment. Providing the main conditions will help prolong the shelf life of fish that has been smoked cold or hot, and at home, namely:

  1. good ventilation;
  2. constant temperature regime;
  3. optimum air humidity.

How much can you store the fish that was smoked hot?

A fish that has undergone heat treatment with hot smoking is allowed to store for three days. It can be stored much longer. The optimum storage temperature is -2 - + 2 ° C. If the smoking of the product was carried out according to the specifications, itcan be stored for a long time, which is due to ensuring the correct temperature regime at all stages from production to commercial networks, including transportation.

In addition, hot smoked fish is allowedfreeze to -30 ° C and store for about 1 month. Before use, the product is pre-thawed at a temperature of no higher than 8 ° C. The recommended humidity in the place of storage of smoked fish is 75-80%, for frozen products - 90%.

How much you can store the product that has passedcold smoking? The fish tolerates storage well, which is explained by the low moisture content, high salt content, the presence of bactericidal components. Of course, the fish can be stored for a long time if certain conditions are met. At a temperature of -2 to -5 ° C, the product retainsits taste is 45-60 days (mackerel, herring, horse mackerel - from 2 to 2.5 months), and fish products (balyks, etc.) under the same temperature regime from a crescent to a month.

Cold smoked fish during storage may be affected by mold. Therefore, it is very important to ensure fresh air.

The longer the product is stored, the lower its taste.

At home, store smoked productsit is possible in the refrigerator. Fish should be packed in foil or parchment so that it does not absorb odors from other foods, if they are in the refrigerator. You must first defrost and wash all the shelves in the refrigerator. Storage of spoiled products at the same time as fish is not allowed.

A popular variant of storing smoked fish -in brine. How many ingredients are needed to prepare the solution? Salt and water are taken in the ratio 1: 2. In this solution, a thin cloth should be impregnated and wrapped with a product. Top with a thick paper and store in the lower section of the refrigerator.

To freeze the smoked product in the freezer you need to wrap it in parchment paper, which will help preserve the fragrance.

Perfectly suitable for storing an attic, where the fishhangs in the tissue pouches. You can store smoked fish in a small box, pouring it with a cut or sawdust. Smoked products, before storing, you need to ventilate well and remove soot.

Storage of smoked fish in a box can also be used during outdoor recreation. The main thing is to ensure cleanliness in the place of storage, inaccessibility to extraneous smells and insects, especially flies.

To extend the shelf life of fish, you need to put a couple of juniper branches on the bottom when smoking.

Fish that has been hot smoked can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, for cold smoking - 8-10 days.

It is also important to ensure a clean flow of air to prevent the appearance of mold.

Smoked fish can be frozen in a vacuum package, which will extend the shelf life of the fish. If the product is frozen, the shelf life will be about three months.

If the storage conditions of the product are not respected, even in the refrigerator, the fish begins to deteriorate. The processes of decay begin with the near-vertebral tissues. Externally, the fish may seem completely normal.

Fish definitely can not eat if it:

  • slippery to the touch;
  • has a greenish or dirty gray coating;
  • has an unpleasant sour smell.

To check the fish for edibility, you need to prune the spine, pierce with a knife and sniff.

These signs signal the beginning of tissue decay processes.

When there is a white coating (there is no unpleasant smell), wipe the fish with a clean cloth soaked in vegetable oil.

If the fish has a mold and comes from itsour smell, to return her taste qualities is possible. To do this, the fish should be washed in brine, cleaned and re-smoked. How many times is it allowed to smoke fish again? It is important to understand that with each next smoking the product will be made more rigid.

How long will the fish be smoked,depends on the observance of the above conditions. Then it will be possible to preserve flavor and aroma. But, the most delicious and aromatic is smoked fish, regardless of the way of smoking, immediately after its completion.

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