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Can I salt fish in a plastic container

At home, it's quite easy to salt fish. To begin with, remember the basic rule: it is better not to defrost the caught fish before pickling, not to wash and not to gut. You will need: salty dishes (enameled or stainless steel, as well as plastic for food), salt (food grade, grinding No. 1 or Extra), bay leaf, pepper black (can be fragrant), coriander in beans or ground. You can salivate any river fish weighing from 200 grams to 1 kilogram.

Before drying, fish should be salted. I recommend taking the carcass weighing up to 1 kilogram. They can be any size, and the fish itself - of any kind. As many have got used to consider any dried fish in a certain way vobla - conditionally we will accept this terminology.

This method will require a larger fish,weighing from 1 kg. I prepare the fish as follows for salting. I wash off all the mucus in cold water, gently rip open the abdomen, gut it. I cut off my head just behind the gills, then the tail to the very base, but not touching the fish. Scissors, from the anus and to the head of the head, I cut off the tesha (the lower part of the abdomen to the ribs) - it must be salted separately, otherwise it can become very salty. Dry the carcass with a clean towel. If the fish weighs more than two kilograms, then it is necessary to spread it along the spine without cutting the skin on the back.

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