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Fry frozen fish without defrosting

Can I fry frozen fish?

Well, it's best to unfreeze the fish before frying. Defrost the fish either in the refrigerator or in the microwave, and not at room temperature. If you fry undefined fish, you risk getting a taste of "rags".

Frozen fish can not be fried. The fact is that before frying in a frying pan, it is necessary to cut it into portions, and the frozen one can not be cut. And even if we consider that the fish has already been cut and cooked for frying is only frozen, then before the fry the fish is paned. And how to fish frozen fish. Secondly, frozen fish when defrosting directly in a frying pan will emit water, that is, it will be stewed, and not to be fried. So before frying fish should be thawed.

Is it possible to fry frozen fish? :) Of course you can, but the question is, what result will you get and by what method to fry.

There is such a technique.

You cut the fish in small layers and simply put it in a skillet without oil.

Put on a weak fire and all the time you control the process.

From time to time, merge the formed water and when it becomes drier, roll in the egg and breadcrumbs and add the sunflower oil to the pan.

This is if there is no time, but it is better to still defrost.

Fish can be fried and frozen, and defrosted. The only question is whether you need a boiled fish that has collapsed and turned into a mess. If you do not need it. Then it is better to defrost the fish before cooking. Especially it will not take long.

You can fry as you like, just from thisit turns out - this is another matter. I'm not a cook, I'm just intuitively defrosting, salt, pepper, I'm flipping in flour and a skillet with already warmed sunflower oil. Only from the frozen-thawed fish the stench is located throughout the apartment.)

That the fish does not fall apart during frying, it needsdefrost, clean, rinse with cold water and salt. At what it should be left for a few hours. And when frying it, you need to put it immediately on the heated frying pan in boiling oil. And frozen she immediately let the juice and fall apart.

You can fry, there is not much, it will turn out porridge fromfish and broth from not! If we throw away the boiled macaroni and choose big bones from the fish, we get a dish, we made such a man's team on business trips!

Frozen fish you rather cook or put outon a skillet, it will not come to frying (there is a lot of water in a frozen fish)) it is better to defrost before cooking and soak with a napkin or paper kitchen towel from the liquid.

Frozen fish can not be fried, since itjust fall apart when frying. It is better to defrost the fish first using tips from the question of how to quickly defrost the fish without microwave and hot water?

There will be a lot of water and you probably have itextinguished or cooked, and not fried.) It is better to defrost the fish first, and then add salt, take away in the egg, flour and fry. It will be much more delicious. Besides, if you do not unfreeze the fish, when the ice melts, it can simply boil down into small pieces.

I think that it's not worth frying in any wayfrozen fish, not because it will be "boiled", but because after defrosting it will be possible to understand how fresh the fish was frozen. After all, it may be that the fish is rotten and when it is fried it will not be a very pleasant aroma, so first you need to defrost it, make sure that the fish is normal, and after that already, and fry.

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