/ / Is it possible to freeze white cabbage for the winter in the freezer

Is it possible to freeze white cabbage for the winter in the freezer

How to freeze cabbage for winter at home

It is best to consume white cabbage infresh, and store in cabbage, but for storage you need free space and a corresponding constant temperature. When there is no space for storing cabbage, it is better to use a freezer for this, which almost everyone has now. It is necessary to take into account the fact that when frozen, it loses its pleasant crunchy properties. Such cabbage can be used only for cooking cabbage rolls, borsch and stew, but for salads it is not used. To prepare cabbage rolls you can freeze the head entirely, such cabbage will be soft, and it will not need to be cooked.

It is most convenient to freeze a very useful colorcabbage, but how to freeze cabbage for the winter correctly? Housewives advise to disassemble it on the inflorescence or even to freeze it in its entirety. Before freezing, cabbage must be blanched, but not necessarily. You need to cut off the leaves, head out on the inflorescence, remove all black dots, and rinse. It is desirable for 20 - 25 minutes to lower it into salted water, so that the insects come up, and then rinse.

Next, you need to place the cabbage in boiling waterfor 3 minutes, and add the citric acid (3 liters - 1 tsp) in order to preserve the white color. One-piece heads should be placed for 5 minutes. Then the cauliflower should be removed, cooled and dried, spread out on a plain napkin or towel. Already dry cabbage can be folded into bags or bags and freeze. When laying cabbage in packages it is advisable to ensure that there remains as little air as possible there.

Also, often, recently, freezecabbage kohlrabi, Brussels and broccoli. To do this, it is cut or chopped into cubes and cubes. Further, they are laid out portion by package and placed in a freezer. Brussels sprouts and broccoli should be disassembled on inflorescences, then washed and dried. Freezing them is also better in packages.

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