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Is it possible to freeze shredded white cabbage?

Cabbage is the oldest vegetable plant. It is appreciated for the high content of proteins, sugars, vitamins and mineral salts. Long ago cabbage was used for digestive disorders, digestive canal diseases, liver and spleen diseases, for the treatment of burns, ulcers, wounds, etc.

At home, it is best to eat fresh cabbage, since during cooking some useful substances are destroyed.

Cabbage kvass, marinate, do all kinds ofharvesting for the winter. It can also be frozen. After all, it often happens that there is no place to be stored, it can not take long to stay in the apartment. And in winter prices for cabbage rise several times.

White cabbage is best kept incabbage, and eat it fresh. But for storage you need a place and an appropriate temperature. And what about those where there is no room to store cabbage. Of course, there is almost everyone a freezer.

When freezing white cabbage,Consider the fact that when frozen, it loses its crunchy properties. Such cabbage is useful only for the preparation of borsch, stew, cabbage. For salads it will not work. For cabbage rolls you can freeze a whole head, when defrosting cabbage will become soft and it does not need to be cooked.

Another option for cabbage rolls. Cabbage boil for a few minutes in salted water, remove and disassemble the head on the leaves. Fold them in plastic bags in portions and freeze. And it's even better to make cabbage rolls and freeze. It will be very convenient in the winter, when a surprise guest, and so on. D.

When you freeze cabbage for cookingcabbage shred, and put in plastic bags in portions, then frozen. You can also chop and freeze the carrots. Before use, vegetables should not be thawed.

How to freeze cabbage for the winter

It is best to freeze cauliflower. It can be frozen in its entirety or disassembled on the inflorescence. Before you can freeze it, you can blanch it, or you can not.

With cauliflower, cut the leaves, head outdisassemble on inflorescences, remove black dots, rinse. You can dip it into the salted water for 20 minutes, in order to remove the insects, then you need to rinse. Then put in boiling water with the addition of citric acid (for 1L - 1 / 3hl.) To preserve the white color for 3 minutes. If the whole head is 5 minutes. We take out, we cool, and we dry it (it is necessary to spread out on a simple towel or napkin). Dried cabbage can be immediately folded into bags and bags in portions and freeze. Or first one by one frozen on wooden planks, and then folded into packages. When laying cabbage, we must look for the least amount of air left in the package.

You can also make such a semi-finished product from cauliflower - cabbage in breadcrumbs, a pretty tasty dish turns out. They came from work, taken out of the freezer, and immediately to the pan without defrosting.

So, already cooked blanched inflorescencesdipped in a beaten egg with the addition of salt, then they need to roll in breadcrumbs, and leave on a wooden board or tray for drying for an average of 1.5 hours. Then freeze, and fold in portions in packages.

Cabbage kohlrabi can also be frozen. It must be cut or chopped into cubes, cubes. Then spread the packages in portions and into the freezer.

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