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Can I cook soup from frozen cabbage?

In the golden autumn season, we, the housewives, always haveone great concern is to procure more winter reserves not only by making sunsets. Our grandmothers put white cabbage for the winter in the cellar, and we'll talk about how to simplify your life and properly freeze the food in the refrigerator. This is simple, but requires patience and a certain skill, because the main thing is not just to keep the vegetable longer, but with it all its usefulness.

White cabbage in the freezersend infrequently. And in vain, because it is very simple, and most importantly - a fairly fast way to save. Yes, and does not require any expenses. The main thing is to find a place in the refrigerator, already almost full, for the main ingredient of borsch and skits.

  • Processing at low temperatures can give heads only top quality - fresh, juicy, without damage;
  • Do not take the biggest forks, because they simply do not fit in the camera or take up a significant space in it, leaving no room for pepper and other vegetables;
  • It is best to put cabbage of summer varieties into the freezer - the winter will be well preserved without freezing.

The same white-headed "lady", which will not pass our very picky casting, it is better to postpone for the speedy use.

  1. Cabbage rolls. And do not need to scald the frozen leaves in boiling water - they will be soft even if they are thawed.
  2. Stew. In combination with fresh potatoes, onions and carrots frozen cabbage will not be worse than fresh.
  3. Filling for patties, cabbage pie, etc.

Cabbage is a universal product, including frozen ones. However, you can not make fresh salad from it, because as a result of "kreonotherapy" it loses its crunchiness.

The berries are sent to the cold room fresh,and almost all the vegetables need to be slightly baked before this, that is, blanch. This is one of the ways how you can freeze white cabbage. And now - in order.

  1. We select the product that will go to the freezer.
  2. We remove from the forks flaccid, dried up and damaged topsheets, we cut out all suspicious stains.
  3. We send cabbage to the sink, and then dry it well.
  4. Armed with a sharp knife, cut our future workpiece with straw, and in parallel boil the water.
  5. Chopping, we shall fill with boiling water, or having combined in a bowl, or - in a colander.
  6. Now we are ready. Ideally - in small packages, to use their contents at a time.
  7. It remains only to throw them in the freezer.

Freeze cabbage white-washed fresh. You can - straw or a whole fork. In the first case, everything is clear: washed, crumbled, piled in bags or containers, frozen.

And you can make everything much easier: just a whole head with a stump in the same package, we pack it well - and in the freezer.

  • The size of the cabbage "straw" depends solely on what we will do with it - stew, add to borscht, etc .;
  • Blanching helps to preserve the color and taste of the product, and also keep it longer, so to speak, in its original form;
  • Blanched cabbage must be dried;
  • Best suited for frosting are bags with hermetically sealed clasp - of which moisture evaporates at a minimum;
  • Cabbage "straw" add up as tightly as possible - so it will retain moisture as much as possible;
  • When asked whether it is possible to freeze white cabbage repeatedly, we will definitely answer negatively;
  • If in the freezer - within -18 ° C, then we will be able to save our cabbage supplies for at least a year, o from 0 ° to -8 ° C - a maximum of 3 months;
  • The temperature in the freezer should not be above -18 ° C. In this case, its contents can be stored no less. At temperatures from 0 ° to -8 ° C, not more than three months can be used.
  • It is impossible to defrost the white-collar, or else insteada quality product we will get something very unattractive - sluggish and soft. From the freezer, a cabbage is better at once - either in a pot or in a frying pan. And even better - in a multivark. There it is - the place!

As you can see, except for peppers, herbs and berries, ina refrigerator can be pawned and everything you need for borscht. The main thing - to freeze for the winter as much white cabbage as we can use. This requires a real cold calculation.

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