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Is it possible to freeze chopped cabbage in a freezer?

Is it possible to freeze white cabbage?

Of course it is possible. But you need to take into account the fact that when you freeze white cabbage will lose its crunchy properties. Frozen cabbage is suitable for borscht, cabbage and cabbage.

To freeze, cabbage is preliminarily neededwash and allow to dry slightly from water. Then chop, spread on plastic bags and in the freezer. For cabbage leaves need to freeze whole leaves.

Freeze cabbage is possible, but afterdefrosting crunchy properties y will no longer be. The cabbage softens and it will go after this only for extinguishing when making the filling for pies and for making cabbage rolls. Salad made from frozen cabbage does not work.

If you plan to use cabbage as a stuffing, then simply shred and in separate packages are frozen.

And for cabbage rolls, at first, the forks are fully cooked in sunflower water for a few minutes, then they are sorted into leaves and frozen in plastic bags in portions.

Here you can freeze cauliflower.

Cabbage well tolerates frost. If there is a place in the refrigerator, or you are afraid that the cabbage will deteriorate, then it is possible to freeze it.

It is best to freeze the chopped cabbage. To do this, you must first wash it, drain it. Then chop, spread out in bags and put into the freezer.

Such cabbage in the future can be used in the preparation of first and second dishes, as well as as a filling of dough products.

Cabbage can be frozen.

Shred cabbage and pack it in bags, then simply pack them tightly and send them to the freezer.

The principle of freezing cabbage is the same as in othersvegetables and fruits, the only difference is that when using such cabbage, it loses its properties and the length of cooking a tasty borsch is such a cabbage is no longer suitable, it will probably fit only on pirozhki with cabbage.

Of course you can freeze cabbage.

If there is a freezer, then you can store frozen cabbage.

I usually shred cabbage like borscht.

I put it in bags, I tie it in the freezer.

When it will be necessary, something from it to cook, it is necessary to pull cabbage out of the freezer and not defreezing, to start to prepare a dish.

There is one minus, this cabbage is suitable only for pies, pies, cabbage cutlets with meat.

Taste after freezing changes.

My mother-in-law freezes every year, but not heads, butshredded. Shinning, packing on sachets and in the freezer. In the winter, he takes out and adds to the soup or extinguishes. I'm not a fan of frozen vegetables, so I prefer sauerkraut.

Earlier, I did not freeze not cabbage, not onions, notbeets, not even carrots. For some reason it seemed to me that after freezing they change their taste. But now I always freeze the listed products in a shredded kind in plastic bags. Especially this method of storage is convenient when preparing borsch, soups, for garnishes (stewed cabbage, for example). It is very fast and convenient, it saves a lot of free time. Therefore, I can say with confidence that white cabbage can be frozen, unless you plan to prepare a salad from it (in the unfrozen form it is soft and not tasty).

Dense vegetables, such as cabbage, withfreezing ruptures ice. When thawing, the cabbage turns into cloths, sluggish and watery, as if they were given pre-boiled water or cooked. But if you cook or stew, it may well be suitable for these purposes, but you do not need to soar for a long time, it is almost ready.

It is possible to frost white cabbage, but when it is defrosted, it becomes soft, tasteless and loses some of the useful qualities.

Traditionally in Russia, cabbage was made salted in mints from stainless steel, in barrels or pickled.

It is possible to freeze cabbage for the winter.

You need to rinse it thoroughly,then chop, cut, as it is convenient for you. Now it remains only to put in cellophane bags and a freezer. Frozen cabbage is ideal for soup and stuffing in pies.

In general, all vegetables are equally stored and prepared for the winter for freezing in freezers.

This cabbage can be frozen, but it will be too soft.

Cabbage leaves become watery and too soft, so for cabbage soup and borsch are not very good.

Fresh cabbage is sold in stores all year round and so you can also keep it fresh until spring in a cool place or buy it in the winter in the store.

We tried to freeze it, cut it and put it in bags. In winter, the package was immediately thrown into the boiling water from the packet, but the taste is not, honestly, completely different - almost everything we threw out.

Do not take a place in the freezer in vain, better berries and mushrooms freeze.

You can freeze asparagus beans, chopped sweet peppers - they are more useful and taste is not lost.

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