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Is it possible to freeze a cooked chicken with vegetables


If your chicken is cooked entirely, its firstit is necessary to use the business rationally, because meat food will not please your body. Therefore, it is best to cook several dishes from a chicken, it will be a practical and useful way out. When the chicken is divided into parts, the part with which you are not going to cook anything, it is best to freeze it.

How to freeze a boiled chicken?

The first thing you need to do is define howYou will use it. Depending on your decision, the chicken will be placed in the freezer compartment divided into portions or whole. Each chicken piece must be packed in a plastic bag, tightly tied, so that there is not any touch to the rest of the products that are in the freezer. To store the frozen chicken is best at -18 degrees, but also if you do not want to lose all the useful qualities do not store it for more than 6 - 7 days. When you decide to unfreeze chicken meat, it should be used immediately. In no case can not be repeated frost. This will lead to the destruction of the structure of tissues and the loss of protein, as well as microelements.

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