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Can the frozen dough be thawed in a microwave oven

How to unfreeze the dough in a microwave oven

The process of defrosting the dough in a microwave oven is nottoo simple. There may be some difficulties. Often in the middle, the dough remains frozen, while on the sides it already "flows" throughout the microwave. Everything is explained by the more tender structure of the test in comparison, for example, with meat, fish, poultry, etc., so the effect of microwaves on the dough is more pronounced.

So, we'll figure out what needs to be done to defrost the dough really correctly.

Tips for defrosting a dough in a microwave oven

1. Do not place high power when defrosting.

2. Do not leave the batter unattended for long periods. Watch him.

3. Use a dish with a lid to make the microwaves evenly distributed.

4. It is better not to defrost the puff pastry in a microwave oven.

Technology for defrosting the dough

1. Put the dough in a deep bowl.

2. Adjust the oven to the lowest power and send the dough into it.

3. Defrost, do not forget to turn the dough at intervals per minute.

4. Mash the dough as needed.

5. Try to remove from the oven already defrosted pieces of dough and leave only frozen.

Here, actually, and the whole process of defrosting. Be prepared: the process can take quite a long time.

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