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Can I fry the frozen chicken in a frying pan

The most important source of protein for our body is meat, and the most budgetary, quick and easy-to-prepare meat product is chicken.

But to make a dish from a bird in the process of thermalprocessing maximally retained its benefits, you need to master all the subtleties of the issue, how tasty and properly fry the chicken in a frying pan. And since in the culinary archives there are many dishes from different parts of the carcass, then in relation to each of them there are their own rules, with which we will now get acquainted!

In general, small pieces of chicken, and some parts of the carcass, and even the whole bird are roasted according to the same technology:

  • First it is required to properly heat a frying pan with oil over a large fire, and only then send the chicken into a container. It is not necessary to set the flame to maximum.
  • It is better to set the temperature a quarter highermedium, so that we can fry the chicken on such a fire, on which the pieces will be covered with a dense ruddy crust, but not burned. The formed crust will keep the meat juice, due to which the dish will turn out juicy and tender.
  • At the first stage, do not fry the chicken in the pan for too long, just enough with an excess of 5 minutes, so that the hen has time to brown from all sides.

  • Further, the cooking temperature is reduced to the second-third level (slightly less than the average flame) and fry the chicken under the lid until ready for 10-20 minutes on one side and the same on the other.

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