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Is it possible to freeze pea puree

Vegetable products, from the words of nutritionists,must be present in the daily menu if a person watches his figure. This is especially true for the bean group. However, what is the use of peas when losing weight and when it can cause harm to health, few people understand. How many calories in this product, how correctly to enter it into the diet and is there a difference between fresh and canned peas when losing weight?

The main parameters that determine the prohibitionon a particular product during a diet, or a permit for its use, are caloric, BJU and glycemic index. Here everything is ambiguous, first of all in the matter of caloric content:

  • dry peas - 298 kcal;
  • fresh / frozen - 72 kcal.

The glycemic index also fluctuates as the state of the product changes:

  • for fresh peas GI is 50 units;
  • for dried - 25 units.

These 2 nuances create contradictions in the reviewsdieticians, so they recommend using peas for weight loss with less activity than other vegetables. In defense of this representative of legumes, BZU plays - there is a lot of protein (5.4 grams), which can partially compensate for the deficiency of this element in the abandonment of meat and fish, and fats are almost completely absent. Carbohydrates are 14.5 g. In addition, it should be clarified that this is a nutritious product that can be quickly saturated, and the body will not experience a shortage of strength during physical exertion if losing weight is done with peas.

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Slimming methods using thisbean is distinguished by the relative balance of the diet - the body does not suffer from a deficiency of vitamins, and a person does not lose muscle mass, as when trying to lose weight on cabbage, cucumbers, etc. By amino acid composition, it is close to meat, which is valued by vegetarians. However, peas have a serious minus, especially relevant for dry grains - this is a load on the digestive tract, so losing weight with it is forbidden for diseases:

For maximum digestion of peas on a diet, doctorsadvise to use with herbs (parsley and dill reliably help avoid flatulence), and if you use dry grains, cook them you need to be completely softened when they are easily pierced with a fork. Combining green peas with other legumes when losing weight is not worth it: first, the dish will cease to be low-calorie, and secondly, it will negatively affect the process of digesting food.

You can meet this product in such well-knownsystems, like the Kremlin, and in more "folk", which suggest an optional modification of a healthy diet with an unreasonable decrease in calorie content. A simple pea diet, which can be seen in open sources, implies a classic rejection of harmful food and the replacement of lunch or dinner with any pea dish. Not fried, without fats, but otherwise no restrictions - soup, casserole, cutlets, porridge or salad. For weight loss, it is important to eat peas every day.

The approximate menu for such a diet:

  • Oat flakes, which were cooked on the water, as a breakfast. It is allowed to add a handful of nuts.
  • Pea puree, soup or salad (this is suitable for sprouted peas), in which you can use other vegetables, except potatoes - for lunch.
  • Kefir (glass) or protein omelet (2 eggs, devoid of yolks) for dinner.

In between, you can have a snack with fruit,and, even bananas are not forbidden, but for a day - only 1 piece. Duration of weight loss is a week. According to feedback, the system works well, but the evening meal is not nutritious at all, so it provokes a breakdown. From the same comments you can find out that the quality of the body in such a short time almost does not change, and the weight loss is from 1 to 4 kg. In pregnancy, this option is not allowed to lose weight.

By chemical composition, the products thatpassed special treatment for long-term storage, it is very different from fresh, especially if the process was factory. From this position, the degree of their usefulness decreases. Not an exception, and canned peas, which receives a large dose of salt, a known property to detain fluid and slow the rate of weight loss. However, canned peas in slimming are not strictly forbidden - they only restrict, because after subtracting salt, it remains the same (if there is no "chemistry" in the composition). Caloric content of canned peas is 55 kcal.

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