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What can you bake from the finished puff pastry with cheese

Slices with cheese from ready-made puff pastry - dishextremely simple, fast and very tasty. Once I cooked these only when it became necessary to attach the remains of a puff pastry, which lacked the filling. The variant of formation was the most simple - rolled out dough, spread on it a piece of cheese and patted edges. And all would be nothing, but only my husband always complained that such puffs only smell of cheese, and the cheese itself melts during the baking process and becomes almost invisible. And then I decided to slightly improve the filling, as a result of which came out these puffs with cheese from the ready-made puff pastry. The recipe is designed for 12 slices-triangles. In the filling are two types of cheese and a little greens. Baking is very, very cheese and extraordinarily aromatic!

  • cheese hard or semi-solid - 200 grams,
  • Adyghe cheese - 150 g,
  • ready-made puff pastry (preferably bezdozhzhevoe) - 500 grams,
  • greens - if desired, I have dill about 80 grams,
  • egg - 1 piece,
  • sesame - for sprinkling.

How to cook puff pastry with puff pastry

For the preparation of puffs it is suitable as a yeast,and bezdozherzhevoe puff pastry. In the first case, puffs come out softer and lush, in the second - more layered and crunchy. In my opinion, for unsweetened baked goods, the yeast is more suitable, I took it. On a slightly flour-poured working surface, spread out the squares of the frozen dough and leave them until completely defrosted, necessarily covering up something so that the surface does not become fouled. I left the dough on the table in the kitchen, where it was completely defrosted after 40 minutes. If you have a ready dough not in layers, but with a roll, time for defrosting will need a little more. Plus for the test it will be necessary to follow, and unwrap the roll as the upper layers are thawed.

To prepare the filling a lot of time is notIt will be necessary, because you can do it after the dough has thawed. On a large grater we rub hard cheese. Anyone who likes best will do. At me it is cheese "Russian".

Next we add Adyghe cheese (or similar) to it, it will be easier to crush it faster and easier.

Now in a bowl to the cheeses we will add a few fresh colors - chopped fresh fresh herbs. I have this fennel, but you can add any greenery to taste.

Well mix the filling and you can proceed to the formation of puffs.

We take one layer of dough and roll it thinly,trying to make the rolling pin move only in one direction. So the dough will preserve the layering to the maximum. I do the following: I put the rolling pin in the middle of the square and roll up and down until the desired thickness of the dough is reached. At me left somewhere about 3 mm.

We cut the rolled dough into squares, I got 6 squares. For each square we spread the cheese stuffing. The amount of filling adjust to your taste, I love that the filling was a lot.

Form the puff. I did the triangles.

We protect the edge of the puff first with your fingers, thenfor fidelity, "walk around" on the edges with a fork. If the fork is capricious and sticks to the test, you can dip it into the flour. One "bathing", as a rule, is enough.

We put the formed puffs on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. If there is no paper, leave the pan as it is, you do not need to lubricate it with oil!

Lubricate the triangles with a beaten egg, sprinkle with sesame seeds and send the puffs to the oven in a warm oven.

Bake at 200 degrees, determining the readiness for browning the tops of the leaves.

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