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What can I cook from frozen vegetables and potatoes

Stew of frozen vegetables Is the opportunity to enjoy your favorite dish even in winter. You can cook it very quickly and the most important thing is that you do not need any culinary talents at the same time! Everything is extremely simple!

We also want to draw your attention to the fact that such a stew keeps a lot of useful properties. The loss of vitamins and minerals in the ingredients of this dish is minimal, and therefore Do not underestimate his health benefits!

In general, if you want to cook a stew from frozen vegetables, then we will help you with this photo recipe!

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Before we start cooking our mushroom ragout, we will make sure that all the necessary ingredients are available.

* Frozen vegetables thawed, and excess fluid just pour out.

We send the defrosted vegetables to fry in a frying pan with butter.

Now we will deal with potatoes: we will cleanse it from the peel, thoroughly wash it, and then cut it into large pieces.

In a frying pan with vegetables, add the potatoes, and then pour in some hot water. This vegetable mixture of salt and pepper. You can also add spices to your taste.

After the water boils, we will extinguish the vegetable mixture for another 30 minutes. Indicator of readiness for ragout, will be soft boiled potatoes.

Serve ragout of frozen vegetables should be hot, decorating it with finely chopped fresh herbs.

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