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Fry the frozen chicken in a frying pan

Dietary products are increasingly usedpopularity among us. And dietary, it does not mean only vegetables and fruits. This is meat. To dietary meat refers to chicken meat, more precisely, white chicken meat - breast. But in many families the family prefers to buy and cook not only chicken breast, but completely carcass. Prepare a chicken can be almost to any table - and festive and everyday. In addition, the chicken meat is cooked quite quickly, which is convenient for making chicken, say, for dinner.

Ways to cook a chicken a lot, because itsYou can serve as an independent dish, it is tasty with vegetables, pasta, rice, buckwheat porridge, etc. You can boil the chicken, fry, put out, bake. in my opinion, the chicken is a universal product in all senses. Cooking chicken dishes is easy. For example, the question of how to fry a chicken in a frying pan does not require complicated explanations, manipulations and ingredients.

Chicken, if frozen, is necessary beforecompletely completely unfreeze. If you start cooking chicken frozen, the meat will turn dryish. Cut chicken into portions and dry with a paper towel. Pieces of chicken to salt, pepper or add the ready-made seasoning for the chicken, to whom that is to taste. In the pan, pour any vegetable oil, lay out the chicken fat, cut from the carcass.

When the oil warms up well, lay out the chicken and,Do not cover with a lid, fry from one side to a ruddy crust. Then turn the chicken over, cover the frying pan with a lid and, reducing the heat, fry the chicken for 30-35 minutes. Somewhere for 10-15 minutes until ready, you can add a little, literally a couple of tablespoons, water or broth. Add fire, boil water or broth for 10-15 minutes. The chicken is ready!

Serve chicken fried in a frying pan, most delicious with mashed potatoes.

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