/ / What can I do from a ready-made yeast dough without stuffing?

What can be done from the finished yeast dough without the filling

The dough should go up, what should be done to speed up the process?

15 not small pies.

I usually buy a FREE LAYER dough. The upper square of the dough is separated from the bottom. One of them I send to the freezer, the second I leave a little defrost. We divide this square into four equal parts (crosswise), I do not roll anything. Top on each square I put chopped apples, sprinkle a little sugar, cinnamon and a piece of butter - a small plate - on top. Apples I lay on the entire surface of a small square. And these 4 "cakes" I send to the oven for 20-25 minutes. Very simple, and very tasty. And fast! The most difficult thing is to cut apples with lobules. I do not even clean the skin.

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