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Can I prepare frozen vegetables for complementary foods

Hello! To the child of 6 months, he already eats an apple, a banana, a pumpkin and a soup (carrots, onions and a potato) Now I do not know what to him the following to start to give. And tk winter and not always possible to find fresh vegetables then I have frozen broccoli and zucchini, but I think you can give this or not. And in general, what is better to give?

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I think you can easily enter zucchini andcauliflower / broccoli. Then the dairy-free cereal gluten-free (buckwheat, rice), you can with the addition of breast milk, so that the baby was delicious, or porridge on the water is not the most interesting dish. For each product, expect one week of input, starting with 1 teaspoon and bringing to the end of the week to your regular serving. Fruit is better to give as a dessert or add a touch of porridge rather than an independent dish.

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