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How to fry frozen french fries in a frying pan

Deep-fried potatoes arethe most popular dish in the world. It is served in almost all bistros and restaurants. At the same time, some establishments made it almost the main dish in its menu, selling several tons of this product every month. However, many housewives often ask how to cook French fries at home, so as not only to please their loved ones with delicious food, but also to reduce the content of harmful substances in the body.

Equipment and components

First of all, it should be noted that in low-costinstitutions this dish is made from special potatoes, which is sold in a sliced ​​form and with a minimum moisture content. They also have certain equipment, where a large amount of vegetable oil or fat is used. That's why the question of how to make french fries at home, means the simplest foods and a conventional frying pan.

For this dish you will need:

- potatoes - 1 kg;

- vegetable oil - 200 g;

The main stage in preparation ispreparation. The matter is that at work it is necessary to use the red-hot vegetable oil which very badly combines with water and a moisture. That's why french fries are prepared from a pre-prepared product.

First you need to peel the tubers and cut themstraw. After this, you need to get rid of excess starch, which is not only harmful, but also negatively affects the taste. To do this, the vegetables are washed and soaked for 2 hours. So that at the time when the french fries in the frying pan will be prepared, oil is not sprayed, it is dried before use, trying to get rid of moisture as much as possible.

When the potatoes are dry, you can proceedcooking. To do this, put a pan on the fire and warm it well. Then, vegetable oil is poured onto it, which is also heated to the highest possible temperature. This is done so that the French fries in the frying pan do not stick and do not burn.

Then take a small portion of the preparedcut and place it in the oil. In fact, she must swim there. It should be noted that the cooking time is so short that it is necessary to monitor the potatoes constantly. Once it blushes, you just need to get it with a special spoon with holes or noise. Next, lay the next batch until all the French fries in the pan are ready. The resulting product is recommended to be transferred to a colander, so that the remaining oil can drain.

When the dish was just cooked and even hotter,add a little salt and mix thoroughly. To the table it can be served in the form of a side dish or snack, as a separate dish or in salads. Also often this potato is used as a kind of snack when watching movies. It should be noted that french fries are used both in hot form and in cold. It is served with various sauces and seasonings, which give the dish a distinctive taste and aroma.

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