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Is it possible to warm the frozen pizza in a microwave oven

A microwave oven is simply irreplaceableassistant in the kitchen. With the help of it you can warm up the dishes, cook, bake something, put out and defrost. In international cooking, the microwave oven has made a significant contribution. Products cooked or heated in the microwave are absolutely harmless. The microwave oven saves energy and time, preserves minerals and vitamins, and the dishes look more appetizing and fresh.

Many people are interested in the question, how to warm up the pizza in the microwave. Elementary.

If you have not defrosted pizza, thenPrepare the paper for baking. Baking paper cover the plate, spread on it, without defrosting, pizza. Top with another plate (use dishes designed for a microwave oven). Between the plates leave a small gap, do not cover the cover tightly. So less is lost steam, and the pizza warms up evenly. Place the form in a microwave oven, put out the full power, and stand for about three minutes. After that, we take out the plates with pizza, carefully open the top plate, slowly releasing the hot steam.

In this way the pizza warms evenly, it turns out fragrant and fluffy.

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