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What can I do from the finished puff test video

10 VARIANTS OF LAYERS Baking from puff pastry forming of puffs

We bring to your attention 10 variants of shapes for the layers. All are suitable for ready-made puff pastry, as well.

Puffs with apples. Baking from ready-made puff pastry.

Baking from puff pastry and apples is delicious and fast! Puffs with apples do get ready very quickly.

Recipe for those who do not want to mess with the test, but want to eat. Croissants from ready-made puff pastry.

Pastry made of puff pastry is very tasty and very fast, a real "wand-rod" for the hostesses.

Puffs with cottage cheese from puff pastry. A simple baking recipe from a ready-made dough [Family recipes]

Today I will tell you how to prepare puffs with cottage cheese from a ready-made puff pastry in the oven. A simple recipe.

Khachapuri from puff pastry a quick recipe of khachapuri from ready-made puff pastry

recipe khachapuri from puff pastry how to quickly cook khachapuri from puff pastry.

Sloyaki. Puff pastry Slices recipe from ready-made dough

Puffs from puff pastry yeast. Puff pastry is sweet. Puff tabs are delicious.

I offer a recipe for express baking - puff tongues from a ready-made dough in 20 minutes! Very tasty and fast.

A quick recipe for NAPOLEON cake from a shop puff pastry. Ingredients: 2 packs of ready-made puff.

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