/ How much can you store the finished dough in the freezer

How much can you store the finished dough in the freezer

All recipes of the test are good in their own way, but yeastis very popular. This is not surprising, because the baked pastry always succeeds in lush, fragrant and very nutritious. In addition, yeast dough can be stored for a while before it is used. A rare mistress will refuse such an opportunity to make preliminary blanks, in order to quickly prepare the ready dough at the right moment. Even after defrosting, the yeast dough retains its taste, aroma, the ability to rise well, form a magnificent crumb and ruddy crust when baking.

Frozen puff pastry, includingyeast, is sold in all supermarkets. This means that you can store yeast dough in the freezer, and long enough, if you do not freeze it again and observe all storage conditions (temperature, humidity, hygiene, etc.). And what about non-durable storage? Recall the departments of cooking in the grocery stores: there you can buy ready-made yeast dough, fresh and soft, not frozen, but chilled. Such a dough never lingers on the counter: it is quickly disassembled by buyers. And even elderly housewives buy, and their experience can be trusted!

  • The basis of any test is flour and liquid(water, milk and / or other dairy products). Both these components perfectly tolerate freezing and defrosting. The liquid changes the aggregate state without problems, and even very low temperatures are not frightening at all. As for yeast, they do not die during freezing, but simply "fall asleep", suspending their life processes. At low, but not minus temperatures, the yeast continues fermentation.</ p>

Ready-to-use yeast dough withoutproblems will wait a little while you have time for baking. It is very convenient for those working moms, who every morning need to feed the family a delicious and nutritious breakfast. You can cook in the evening and store in the refrigerator dough for yeast pancakes, prepare a dough for pizza and pies:

  1. For storage in the refrigerator take a little test - as much as you use at a time.</ p>

Yeast dough, especially puff varieties,perfectly tolerates frost. If your refrigerator is a good freezer, you can safely count on 2-3 weeks of storage. Ready yeast dough is rarely sold in small portions, and it is problematic to use the whole kilogram purchased. Therefore, before freezing, divide the dough into portions for one-time use and follow the instructions:

  1. Use special containers and / or bags to store food in the freezer. From the inside, lubricate them with a drop of vegetable oil or sprinkle with a pinch of flour.</ p>
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