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Can the frozen dough be thawed in a microwave oven

Dough products are often found onour table in the form of bread, cookies, pizza, pastries or pasta. Nutrients make dough a storehouse of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, useful acids, fiber, a number of necessary vitamins.

Dough preparation is a process of mixingvarious products for the formation of a thick mixture, from which the flour product is formed. But it is not always possible to knead the dough, so you have to replace it with a frozen purchase.

Storing the dough in the freezer is possibleonly at temperatures from -5 to -18 degrees Celsius, because at the given temperature the fiber does not break down and the dough has a correct consistency.

There are more than 25 types of dough, but the most common yeast and puff.

Puff pastry is very capricious to temperature changes, and its defrost and lightness depend on the correctness of defrosting.

Instructions for correct defrosting of puff pastry:

  • the dough is extracted from the package;
  • put it on a tray or a cutting board;
  • Leave to thaw at room temperature for a couple of hours.

We draw attention to the fact that it is impossible to defrost the puff pastry quickly, since it will lose its shape under the action of accelerators and may not mix.

But nevertheless, if it is necessary to speed up the process of defrosting the puff pastry, we recommend after it is a little longer, send it for a minute to the microwave (power 50-100 W).

Yeast dough is very often sold already infrozen form, so before buying, you should check the surface of the cake for seals or soft inclusions. Before defrosting, the yeast dough should be a dense even crust of beige or milky shade with no visible defects and unpleasant odor.

Instruction for defrosting yeast dough:

  • Remove the dough from the freezer;
  • Pack a yeast dough slightly open and put it in a shallow container;
  • Place the dough in the cold store (down, at a temperature of about 0 degrees) overnight.

Instruction for defrosting:

  • Remove the dough from the package;
  • warm up the oven and cook a baking tray;
  • for a few minutes leave the dough in the oven - until it begins to approach.
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  • In the microwave

    Instruction for defrosting:

    • yeast dough to put in a glass container;
    • set the defrosting mode in the microwave oven;
    • Let the dough be defrosted for 1-2 minutes, then turn over and try to knead.
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  • With the help of water

    Instruction for defrosting:

    • dough pack in several hermetic polyethylene bags;
    • cook a saucepan with warm water;
    • Lower the packaged dough into warm water for 10-30 minutes.
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  • On air

    Instruction for defrosting:

    • take out the bag with the dough from the freezer;
    • place in a container and leave at room temperature for 2-4 hours.
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  • By kneading

    If the dough has not yet completely defrosted after the purchase, it can be held in the air for a little (5-7 minutes) and try to knead, which will accelerate the process of thawing.

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