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How to fry frozen dumplings in a frying pan

Rarely you will meet the person, absolutely indifferentto dumplings. To their delicate delicate dough, to the juicy meat filling, to the aromatic hot steam over the plate ... But even such a favorite dish can get bored if you eat it too often. Although this is not a reason to abandon pelmeni at all - you can just diversify their preparation. For example, to simmer or fry dumplings in a frying pan. In this form, they are not ashamed to even offer guests. Yes, and my husband is unlikely to be offended if you decide to have dinner for dinner frozen dumplings, bought in the store, and not cooked with his own hands. So, if until now you have not tried or cooked them, it's time to learn a new technology for yourself and learn how to cook delicious fried dumplings.

Dumplings can not only be cooked, but also stewed, andeven to fry. And in general, it is high time to give up culinary stereotypes and not be afraid to experiment. Moreover, dumplings and their "colleagues" - food is international and very universal. In the Caucasus, a similar dish is called manti or khinkali, in Italy - ravioli, in Asia - dim. And the methods of cooking are different for them. For example, the Chinese cook in a special basket for a couple, and the Belarusians are baked in pots. So fried dumplings - not such a nonsense, as it may seem at first glance. And the taste they are not inferior to the traditional boiled dumplings and even win at the expense of its originality.

The easiest way to cook dumplings, which were alreadywelded. And bachelors for certain I learn in this recipe the standard breakfast prepared from the dumplings which have remained from a dinner and cooled down for the night. And for all the rest we disclose this simple secret. Dumplings should be taken out of the package and put in a saucepan with medium-boiling water or broth. Wait until dumplings come up, wait another 5 minutes, and then drain the water through a colander. Meanwhile, on the next burner you need to warm up the frying pan, smeared with refined vegetable or butter. Dumplings, from which the glass water (this is important to avoid hot spatter when contacting water with hot oil!), Put into a frying pan and without a lid fry from all sides for 5-10 minutes. The more oil you use, the more ruddy and fried you will get the surface of fried pelmeni.

It happens that the time for preliminary preparation(cooking, defrosting) dumplings simply do not exist. Yes, it is not necessary - frozen dumplings can also be fried. And not even one, but two in slightly different ways. The first can be considered more dietary, while the second requires more oil for frying, and then the dish, already high in calories, is even more satisfying:

frying dumplings in a frying pan

  1. Put a pan on the fire with a thick bottom andhigh sides. Instead, you can use a stewpan or similar metal utensils of sufficient volume, suitable for frying. Pour in it the usual clean water to about half the depth. After boiling the water, boldly pour frozen pelmeni into it, cover with a lid and wait until the water boils repeatedly. Then remove the lid and after 5 minutes, drain the remaining water. Reduce heat and bring the dumplings to the ready, turning and frying them on the bottom of the pan. It will take about 5 more minutes.</ p>

Now that there is nolabor fry dumplings, suggest to complicate the task and diversify the menu. This is very simple, because we have already checked and chosen the best recipes for cooking dumplings:

  1. Fried dumplings in sour cream sauce. For 1 kg of raw dumplings you will need 1 glassmilk and about 100 ml of sour cream. In addition, prepare a pinch of flour, a little refined vegetable oil and any spices and spices to your taste. Lubricate the deep frying pan with oil and put pelmeni. They can be fried in any of the simple ways that we discussed above. While dumplings are fried, mix the milk with sour cream, spices and flour. With a mixer or a handful of whisk, bring it to a homogeneous consistency. When the dumplings are ready, pour them with sour cream sauce and, without covering the frying pan with a lid, simmer for 10-15 minutes (until the sauce thickens and blushes). Before serving, you can sprinkle the dish with chopped dill or other fresh herbs.</ p>

fried dumplings with vegetables</ li>

  • Pan of dumplings with vegetables. For 0.5 kg of raw dumplings, take one at a timesmall squash, eggplant and carrots. You will also need a small head of cauliflower and a gram of 150 fresh champignons. For 1 kg of dumplings, increase the number of products, respectively, by half. Vegetable oil is better to take refined, and spices and salt - to taste. Mushrooms and vegetables wash, peel and cut into small cubes. Separate cauliflower into small inflorescences and boil in salted water. Lubricate a large frying pan with oil and warm it up. Fry the mushrooms, zucchini and eggplant for 3 minutes. Then add dumplings and boiled cauliflower into the pan, pour in half a glass of water and season with salt. Cover and cook for 15 minutes over low heat, mixing several times during that time. Serve dumplings with vegetables can be hot and slightly cooled, with fresh herbs.

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