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Can I freeze banana puree

Do bananas freeze? Perhaps this question will seem strange to you, because you can buy this fruit at any time of the year at an affordable price. And bananas, indeed, can be frozen, and in some cases even necessary. Today I will tell you about how and why the bananas are frozen in the freezer.

The shelf life of a fresh banana is very small, and it begins to deteriorate literally in a matter of hours. To preserve the product, it can be frozen and then used to prepare various dishes.

Also, the bananas are frozen especially for the preparation of a useful banana ice cream, but we'll talk about this a little later.

This method is the least expensive. Banana in its original form is placed in a package for freezing, and sent to the freezer. After freezing, the skin will lighten slightly, but the fruit's flavor will not change.

Before use, the banana is thawed and cleaned in the usual way. From such a fruit you can make smoothies, use it for baking or as a filler for various cereals.

Before freezing, remove the skin from the banana andlay out the cleared fruit on the equal surface, covered with a film, for preliminary freezing. After 2 hours, you can get the bananas and lay them out in packing bags.

Before use, such a banana is thawed and used for its intended purpose, for example in baking or cocktails.

Also from a peeled frozen banana you can make a banana ice cream. To do this, the fruit is crushed with a blender, and milk is added to the prepared puree.

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Before freezing, peeled bananas are cut into rings of arbitrary thickness. For a more even freeness, cutting is best done in the same size.

Pieces of bananas are laid out on a cutting boardor in a special freezer compartment for freezing small products, and sent to freeze for 1-1.5 hours. After this time, the pieces of fruit are poured into one bag or container. From the package with bananas, to the maximum, remove the air and sent to storage back into the freezer.

For the preparation of banana puree, peeledbananas are cut into pieces and crushed in a blender. To preserve color and extend the shelf life of the product, it is recommended to add 1 tablespoon of squeezed lemon juice to the blank.

Ready mashed potatoes are laid out on ice moldsor plastic cups. Cubes of banana puree are pre-frozen in the freezer, and then transferred to sealed containers or bags. The cups are sealed tightly with food film before freezing.

Such puree is convenient to use, as a fruit filler for cereals.

A ripe banana, with black dots on the skin, is cleaned and cut in half. In each half insert a skewer or a special stick for ice cream.

In a water bath, melt the chocolate. Dip each blank from a banana into warm chocolate, and then freeze.

Details of this method of frosting bananas see in the video from the channel "Delicious recipes TV" - Frozen Bananas in Chocolate. Tasty and Simple.

Keep frozen peeled bananas in the freezercan be up to 3 months, and bananas with skin - up to 2 months. In order not to miss the shelf life, on the bag and container with the workpiece make a mark about the date of the products' packing in the freezer.

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