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Is it possible to freeze milk in a plastic bottle

Dairy products are one of the mostperishable products. Many today practice the purchase of milk in large quantities in the villages. But the question arises, how to preserve it, and whether it is possible to freeze milk in the freezer for a long period of storage?

Freezing food products is recommended under certain conditions. For this category of goods, there are sanitary rules and regulations that must be observed.

The main question is whether useful properties and taste qualities will disappear? The procedure on the contrary allows to preserve the nutritional value, but under the condition of proper freezing.

The most important thing: apply only fresh dairy products.

Purchased packages of milk are stored without problems even in the refrigerator without freezing.

Milk in bottles to store in this version is most convenient, because the container has sufficient elasticity, and with the expansion of the ice does not burst. In this form it is convenient to conduct and defrost.

The most optimal storage option can be called a plastic bottle and plastic bags.

Already, many housewives apply freezing techniques, which allows them to regularly use household milk.

It is better to store portions in order not to re-place in the freezer.

Another convenient method of freezing milk in the freezer, using ice molds. Add these "ice" can be in tea or coffee. See in the photo:

According to the requirements of "SanPiN" it is recommended to conducta one-time freeze and store in this condition for no more than 2 months. This method is practiced only at home, as for large enterprises, they should use the product only in fresh form.

It is best to store it in bottles and bags,which can be used at one time. It is highly not recommended to use open containers, as dairy products instantly attract and absorb foreign odors. This can adversely affect the taste.

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