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What can I cook with frozen French fries

Can I make frozen french fries in a frying pan?

Just fry it?

Of course, you can simply fry it as a regular potato.

Frozen French fries are cut into thin slices, so it can be fried without defrosting, it thaws right in the pan with the usual frying mode very quickly.

In the beginning, you can cover up for a very short timefrying pan lid to quickly defrosted all the slices, the potato turns roast, but soft, on fries it does not quite look like - it does not crunch. Taste with this method is also not very good, but you can add spices. This method is very convenient if there is no time to cook everything else, on time is prepared as pelmeni and lies in any store.

You can also cut the potato yourself and keep it in the freezer just in case.

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