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Can I freeze buckwheat in the freezer

Can I freeze the ready-made cereal?

Usually I cook on time, fresh, but sometimes it happens that it is superfluous. In the evening, you will not, in the morning, something she does not want either. Perhaps, for the sake of economy, it is possible in the freezer, before the worst times?

Who has experience? The taste does not change much? Has the meaning?

And I freeze porridge, if I clearly know that otherwise prokvashu.

I put in small containers, more often it's porridges on the water (buckwheat, pearl barley, yachka), put in the freezer, when necessary, I warm up in the microwave.

If there is time, not hungry, then you can pull outthis container, to put simply to leave from a cold, and then already easy to warm up. Changes in taste, color, i.e. Personally, I did not notice the organoleptic properties of the frozen cereals.

Of course, the best thing is to cook as much as you plan to eat.

But, the porridge has a tendency to increase in volume, as in Nosov's story "Mishkina porridge", therefore, if there is nobody to eat out of domestic animals, it is necessary to freeze.

Frozen porridge in the refrigerator can be, but the tastewill be different after thawing. Millet, buckwheat porridge freeze normally, if they are not cooked on milk and not liquid, then they are suitable for taste. But oatmeal porridge is not very suitable for freezing. In principle, if it's a pity to throw out the porridge, then you can freeze.

I freeze everything that could have been thenunfrozen and eat! And porridge, including: rice, millet, buckwheat. But, I do not freeze my porridge. I adore it, so I can eat it three times a day and eat it, so I do not have any reserves left, and I think it's not very convenient to freeze it, it seems to me that it will be tasteless.

Total, my personal experience: today I took out the remains of buckwheat porridge and pilaf from the freezer. All perfectly cooked in the microwave. I did not notice the difference in taste. Pilaf in general turned out to be ideal, buckwheat porridge was a bit dryish (in contrast to the above assumptions that there will be moisture during defrosting).

I did not additionally unfreeze anything. I got it from the freezer and immediately into the microwave. Consistency of the imported cereal was crumbly. Another such moment, perhaps, the whole thing in the freezing chamber?

And yes, of course, semolina porridge, I would not risk freezing. It's better for syrniki or pudding, if it's left. Do not throw away the same

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