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Is it possible to freeze the glare

A fascinating mirror glaze on desserts can stir up the mind of domestic cooks.

And honestly, I previously thought, until I tried it myself at home, that such cakes, "dressed" in glossy icing - a simple photoshop.

Well, how can a cake be so glossy, smooth and reflective as a mirror. It turns out that it can, and everyone can get it the first time.

Ready cake in mirror glaze

Only here to cook is half the work. And how now, then put it on the cake to get such a stunning glossy beauty? And it's very simple, only you need to know the technology, which we'll talk about right now, and bake a "suitable" cake (souffle, mousse).

So, the exciting moment in the cooking process. The cake is waiting for the decoration, and the glaze is ready, covered with food film and waits for its "exit" from the refrigerator.

Stunning mirror desserts excite the minds so far, even those who have already independently tried to create such masterpieces. A couple of drawbacks of the mirror coating all exist:

  • make a photograph of the dessert hard enough to not reflect on the surface of the cake or cake;
  • a very sweet coating of a mirror glaze when cutting a dessert can stretch behind a knife.

If it is difficult to shoot without reflection, it does not matter - well,let reflects what confirms the name of the glaze. But beautifully and without damage cut the cake, covered with gloss can be, if you use a slightly warmed knife, and work with a cold, almost frozen dessert. It is possible to effectively cut a confectionery item with a knife at room temperature, if it is simple and do not freeze the dessert at all.

The rest of the secrets and subtleties of applying capricious glaze can be recognized from the process itself, which is presented below.

ready-leveled cake (frozen)

blender or mixer

grate or cake stand

long knife

"Let's release" the frosting from the refrigerator. Without removing the film, put on a warming in a microwave or a water bath. We need a product with a temperature of about 35 ° (it's better to measure the temperature with a special device).

Keep colored glaze is acceptable in any convenient vessel, the main thing is covered.

Mirror glaze is stored in a glass tightly closed vessel

Do not overheat the color mixture, because the icing will be a long time then cool down on the cake, and does not close tight cakes.

Liquid colored glaze

Now we are again at the blender. We need to pierce the mixture again, avoiding bubbles on the surface. If still formed - strain the mixture through a sieve.

We quote glaze in a "working" state

We take out the frozen dessert from the freezer, and then out of the mold, if it was stored in the original baking position.

It is worth noting: Do not hold a cake for a long time or pies, otherwise condensation will form on the product, which will spoil the coating of the mirror glaze. And thanks to the warm hands that have arisen when freezing unevenness on the cake, you can smooth fingers.

Prepare a grill, on which we will install a frozen dessert: a cake or cakes. Under the grate we put the container, where the excess of colored glaze drips.

Under the product there should be a grate, which will overlook the excess glare

Then simply fill the surface, adhering to the middle, or pour out gradually the liquid around the perimeter to cover the sides of the product with a glance.

The process of filling the confectionery with glaze

If the cake is a bit irregularly shaped, and to usIt is necessary that the glossy grab his lower edges, then we will establish the base on a peculiar pedestal. That is, everything that is at hand in the kitchen, but smaller diameter.

Pedestal for cake from improvised means

The surface of many cakes is flat, soIt will be necessary to remove the excess of a glance until it is frozen. Take a spatula or a long knife, and confidently conduct on the surface. So we will remove not only the excess glaze, but also make the surface less sweet and even.

Although, if there is no confidence in their own actions, then for the first culinary feats, you can and leave, so as not to spoil the culinary work.

Waving excess glaze from the surface of the cake

A little wait until the glaze on the product. The cake was frozen, so it will happen very quickly.

Next, raise the baking in his hands, and wrap the dangling sweet threads and sagging on the bottom edge of the cake under the bottom. This can be done with the same knife or spatula.

Trimming the edges of frozen glaze on dessert

Just carefully, holding the cake with a spatula and a hand from below, we transfer it to the substrate, which will become a presentation base.

We send the glossy dessert back to the refrigerator for a few minutes, so that the mirror glaze is finally seized.

We take the yummy from the fridge, and we start to decorate.

The process of decorating a culinary masterpiece

As an ornament it is permissible to use everything that the soul desires. After all, the main thing is that we managed to make a mirror glaze, and successfully cover it with dessert.

Ready cake with mirror glaze with decorations

With a mirror glaze, you can do a variety of "tricks", which will please the taste of lovers of exquisite culinary masterpieces. About what we will tell in detail and show on the photo here.

Leopard color mirror glaze on the cake

The main thing, before serving dessert is to the table, soak the time of its defrosting to several hours, so that the guests do not crunch a frozen delicious.

The average time of the defrosting time of cakes (about 20-26 cm in diameter) is 5-6 hours, the cakes melt already in 3 hours in the temperature of the refrigerator.

We will rejoice together for your achievements in creating culinary masterpiece desserts! Share in the comments, who got it.

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