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Can I freeze the potatoes in the freezer in fresh form

Who at least once bought frozen on the marketpotatoes know that this is an inedible soft substance, with a disgusting sweet taste. It is impossible to correct this taste, and potatoes must be thrown away. But we, after all, buy in the supermarket frozen soup kits, in which potatoes are present and there is no taste there. So what's the secret, how to freeze the potato? There is a secret, and we will now disclose it.

Well withstands the "blue eyes" frost, andpotato with pink skin. Potatoes must be cleaned, cut out all the eyes. and cut into cubes. Fold the cut potatoes into a pot of water and rinse it in several waters. It is necessary to wash the starch and sugar to the maximum.

The next step: blanching. Pour water into the pan and put it on the fire, as water boils, pour the prepared potatoes into boiling water. Let it leave, but not more than 3 minutes. Next you need to cool the potatoes. Drain the boiling water from the saucepan and pour very cold water.

It's cold, it's time to dry the potatoes. Place the cubes of potatoes on a towel, and dry with paper napkins.

There is a possibility that if you immediately spread outpotatoes on packages and put in the freezer, it can stick together in one lump. Therefore, it is better not to hurry up, and to freeze the cubes in stages, spread out on the spacing, and already in a frozen form to lay out into packages.

That's all the secrets. Similarly, you can prepare potatoes for the subsequent preparation of French fries.

But better, watch the video: How to make frozen french fries:

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