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Is it possible to freeze chanterelles for the winter

Working with mushrooms for beginners housewivesIt seems very difficult, especially when it comes to fresh produce. Questions arise both on the duration of storage in the freezer, and on heat treatment - or its absence. Is it possible to freeze chanterelles for the winter so that they do not bitter and preserve all the useful properties?

If you are thinking about harvesting chanterelles, you need to start working with studying the general rules for freezing mushrooms. Professionals are advised to take into account that:

  • To preserve the crude product, treat it as quickly as possible, rather than after a one-week storage. It is best to collect and immediately start working with mushrooms. So the preparation will be more delicious and safer.
  • All fungi must be washed before any treatment,after which to sort out. Soak for an hour and a half, rinse, examine for the purpose of selecting spoiled, damaged. Broken before freezing it is better to fry or boil, and whole can be left moist.
  • Mushrooms after washing should be well dried, so that the moisture that they absorb into themselves, did not turn later into ice.
  • Soak the product for a long time is not necessary - pour and clean immediately.
  • Drying is long, can take 4-5 hours, but it can not be neglected.
  • For long-term storage, the product can be salted before freezing.
  • Large mushrooms must be cut into thick plates.

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If you do not know how to freeze chanterelles for the winter, use this instruction:

  1. Go through, remove the debris, pour cold water for a couple of minutes.
  2. Rinse, diligently cleaning the hat from the back. Put the colander in a colander.
  3. After drying, divide the product into 2 groups according to the wholeness of the mushrooms.
  4. Large, not damaged mushrooms are laid out on a flat surface, tightened with a film, cleaned in a freezer. A few hours later they are poured into a bag.
  5. Broken or lost attractive appearance cooks or fry, cool and pack on plastic containers.

This mushroom is very loved for the fact that it rarelyworms are turned on, and after drying and grinding it can save from helminthiasis. Most housewives make canned billets: pickled or salted, because they do not understand how to freeze chanterell mushrooms for the winter and whether it can be done without first boiling them. Professionals assure that the fresh product is not dangerous, if you remember the important points:

  • Chanterelles should be processed within 18 hours. It is best to collect them in the morning, and cook in the daytime, as the shelf life of fresh mushrooms is only 24 hours; at the same time they are becoming less safe with every hour.
  • If there is a break between the time of collection and the commencement of work, pour the mushrooms into a saucepan and put them in the refrigerator. Do not keep them warm.

The most reliable way of preparing the product -freezing after pre-boiling. So it does not change the taste during storage. Most owners of such an algorithm like the following savings in time: the mushrooms will only be defrosted, fried or put out for a few minutes, and you can eat. Follow these tips:

  • Boil chanterelles for harvesting for the winter can be any recipe, except those that create a broth: you need to preserve the taste and aroma inside the fungus, and not give it to water.
  • If chanterelles go to the soup in winter, you can freeze them with liquid, bay in a sealed container.

According to professionals, the period of stay of chanterellesin hot water should not exceed 20 minutes, if after that you are going to freeze them. With defrosting and additional heat treatment of the billet, the total cooking time will increase, so the mushrooms can become tasteless or "rubbery" in consistency. How to freeze chanterelles for the winter, boiling them:

  • Classic method - short heat treatment: hold in boiling water for 5 minutes. Pre-cut the mushrooms so they can cook faster.
  • For broths and quenching the product is cooked at a high power for longer - 10-12 minutes, pouring water.
  • After cooking, be sure to get rid of moisture, if the mushrooms do not go to the soup.

This is the best way to get the finished productin conditions of time deficit. Some housewives make a classic semi-finished product according to a favorite recipe, but professionals advise to resort to a standard scheme:

  1. Chanterelles washed, spread on a towel, dried for about an hour.
  2. Frying pan with oil is heated, fry the sliced ​​pieces, until they leave moisture. The approximate duration of this stage is 15-20 min.
  3. Fried chanterelles are cooled, then cleaned by packages / containers.

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