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Is it possible to freeze fresh onions

Is it possible to freeze green onions for the winter? This question is asked by many mistresses. In fact, it is rather difficult to find such a fragrant and natural product in the winter season. Therefore, it is better to harvest it from summer. We will tell you how to do it correctly in the article presented.

Before answering the question of whether it is possible to freeze green onions, it is necessary to tell what properties this product possesses.

It's not a secret to anyone that feathersonions can protect the human body from various viral diseases and infections. This is possible due to the presence of phytoncides in it. That is why many specialists during the period of active spread of influenza and ARD recommend more often to eat salad with green onions.

Also in this product contains chlorophyll, which plays a huge role in the process of hematopoiesis.

Is it possible to freeze a green onion pen? Of course, you can. Moreover, such processing does not affect the properties of the product. After defrosting, all the same vitamins remain in it as before the freezing:

  • B vitamins that are extremely useful for HCand brain activity. In particular, vitamin B1 controls the acidity of the human body and helps to normalize the level of cholesterol, and vitamin B5 improves the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  • Vitamin A is an active participant in oxidation-reduction processes. It is also necessary to stimulate the growth of new cells and metabolism.
  • Vitamin C takes part in all the processes taking place in the body.
  • Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that favorably affects a person's reproductive function. Also this element improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

Is it possible to freeze green onions and when is it better?do? Surely everyone knows that such greens begin to ripen in the beds already in mid-May. It is at this time of year that the green onion is very soft and juicy. In the young greenery, there are many useful substances that are extremely necessary for the human body.

Thus, to collect onions for its subsequent freezing is better in the spring, when the arrows have not reached their maximum height and have not become stiff.

Is it possible to freeze green onions in their entirety? Of course, you can. To do this, it is torn off directly from the root, and then carefully removed rough feathers located at the edges. Such a process will make it possible to clean not only the stalk of greenery, but also its not yet strengthened rhizome.

If you do not have time to collect the green onions in the middleMay or early June, it is better to tear it off without a root, since it will be already massive. For the subsequent freezing of feathers, they should be carefully torn off from the base or use scissors for this.

Is it possible to freeze green onions in the refrigerator? To keep such a product all its useful properties for a long time, it should not be kept in a refrigerator for more than 5-9 days. Otherwise, it will simply become soft and spoiled. Put green onions for a long time can only be in the freezer.

So, how to properly prepare thisproduct for further freezing? First, feathers must be carefully inspected for worms and dirt. Then the product must be immersed in cold water and left in this form for half an hour.

After the onion is soaked, it should be wellRinse. If it was ripped off with the rhizome, then during the washing it is necessary to disclose its basal part, since it is in it that a large amount of dirt accumulates.

If you decide to use only feathers, then it is enough to rinse them, tearing off unnecessary tips.

Once the greens are processed, it should beslightly dry. To do this, the onions are shaken well over the sink, and then spread on a large towel. In this form, the product is kept for several hours, that is, until it is completely devoid of moisture.

Is it possible to freeze green onions in the freezer? It is possible, but only when all necessary rules are observed.

On how to properly prepare thisproduct, we described above. However, after this you need to decide how you will freeze it. Some housewives prefer to harvest green onions for the winter as a whole, but there are some who pre-shred it. Let's consider both options in more detail.

Is it possible to freeze green onions in a freezer in the whole form?

Frozen whole green onions take lesstime, rather than chopped. To do this, the processed product is carefully wiped with napkins, and then carefully laid out in special bags for freezing. At the same time, packets are not full. Green onions should not be crumpled. Its a small layer lined in a bag, and then sent to the freezer.

Withstood the greens in the cold for about an hour, it is taken out and lightly shaken into a heap right in the package. After that, again sent to the freezer and kept in it until immediate use.

Is it possible to freeze green onion in a shredded form?

Most often, modern housewives freezegreen onion in a shredded kind. It's very convenient. It can be simply removed from the bag and seasoned with a dish. But how to make sure that the onion does not stick together during the freezing process, but is preserved in crumbly form? To do this, prepared greens should be carefully dried on a towel, then chopped on a cutting board. Next, it must be placed in a large polyethylene bag, knocked into an uneven layer and put into the freezer for half an hour. After a while, the onion should be shaken, put back in a small layer and continue to freeze.

It is desirable to repeat such actions about 4-5 times. Only in this case you will get friable frozen onions.

Now you know whether it is possible to freeze green onions. How to do it correctly, we told above.

According to reviews of housewives, store such a product infreezer can be about a year. As a rule, it is used for cooking second and first courses. The chopped onion is simply removed from the pouch and added to a goulash or soup. If it was frozen in its entirety, it is pre-cut.

Also, culinary experts say that such a productcan be added to various salads. However, it should be noted that after defrosting, it becomes limp and loses its beautiful appearance. Although the useful properties of this onion remain the same.

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