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Is it possible to freeze cheese with mold

The freezer always comes to the rescue ifit is necessary to preserve meat, fish, fruit or berries. But what about cheese? Can I freeze the cheese in the freezer? The answers to these and other questions you can get in our article.

Many housewives have a habit of stocking upproducts, including cheese, for a long period. However, not all products can be stored for a long time even in the refrigerator. This applies to cheese. How to keep the freshness of this product? Is it possible to freeze cheese and how to do it correctly? Let's try to sort things out in order.

First of all, it is not recommended to freezesorts of cheese. For example, the thawed soft cheese will have a completely different consistency, become more watery. To make it homogeneous, you will have to use a mixer or a tablespoon, but in any case the liquid still has to be drained. Use this cheese in dishes, where it is the main ingredient, will not work, because its appearance, definitely, will not cause appetite. Therefore, it is possible to freeze Adyghe cheese or ricotta, but only as part of a ready-made dish, for example, lasagna.

Secondly, the texture of any cheese after itDefrosting will not be the same as before freezing. It should be noted that when the products are frozen, microscopic ice crystals are formed in them. And if water expands under the influence of a low temperature, then when the product is heated, the product contracts with the release of a large amount of liquid.

Third, do not freeze cheese withmold, because fungal cultures under the influence of low temperature die. And if you take into account the fact that the texture of the cheese will also not change for the better, then there will be no benefit from such a product. Unless on pizza it can be crumbled.

Fourth, the best option for qualityfreezes - cheeses of solid sorts, for example, Parmesan, cheddar, emmental, maasdam, gruyer and others. They are least affected by the effects of low temperatures, maintaining almost the same structure as before freezing.

It is not enough to sort out the varieties toget a quality frozen product. Follow the instructions. Consider, for example, how to freeze hard cheese. The sequence of actions will be as follows:

  1. The head of cheese of a suitable grade is cut into pieces measuring 200-300 grams.
  2. Pack each piece of cheese. To do this, wrap it in parchment or foil, then place it in a sealed bag. Ideally, zip-packs are suitable for freezing. Cheese, which is sold in vacuum packaging, can be frozen without disturbing its integrity.
  3. Indicate on the package the cheese variety and the date of freezing. Even if now you remember well that you are freezing, in 3 months it will be difficult to remember about it.
  4. Put the cheese in the freezer.

In principle, the process of cheese freezing is practically the same as preparing for storing any other products at low temperatures.

If you do not plan to use all the cheeseat once, it will be much more convenient to freeze it not in a whole piece, but in another form. So it can be immediately added directly to the dishes, even without defrosting.

To freeze the hard cheese in grated form,it must be grinded first on a grater or in a combine and placed in a bag with a zip-zipper. Do not pack too tightly. To the edge it is necessary to leave 3-5 cm. When preparing the dish it will be necessary to get a package from the freezer and break off the desired piece of cheese. The rest can be put back in the freezer.

You can store cheese not only in grated, but also incut form. To do this, lay the parchment paper between the slices, after which the workpieces are put in a plastic container and sent to the freezer.

Is it possible to freeze the melted cheese in the freezer and how to do it?

Frozen cheese, as a rule, is sold infoil wrapping and does not require pre-packing. But this, perhaps, is its only advantage. It is not difficult to freeze the melted cheese - it's enough to put it in the freezer. But to defrost such a product, and especially to serve it on the table is strictly not recommended. The fact is that after the freezer its consistency will completely change. Such cheese can only be smeared on sandwiches or added to dishes that are amenable to further heat treatment (baking).

An important criterion when choosing a storage methodcheeses are the period of their storage. Having received the answer to the question "Can I freeze the cheese?", We need to find out how long it can stay in the freezer. It all depends on how he is cut (shredded).

The maximum shelf life of hard cheeseis 6 months. To do this in the freezer, you need to put a whole bar. Sliced ​​or sliced ​​into thin slices of cheese is stored only 3 months. Use it can be gradually, breaking off on a small piece and adding to the dish. Unlike hard cheese soft stored only 1 month and not more.

Before preparing any dish, frozencheese must be thawed. To do this, it should be transferred from the freezer to the shelf in the refrigerator. After 3-4 hours the product can already be used for its intended purpose. Above we found out whether it is possible to freeze the cheese in grated and sliced ​​form. But what will be its use?

Unfortunately, you can use frozen cheeseonly for adding to ready-made dishes: salads, soups, casseroles, minced meat, etc. It is unfortunately not possible to place it on the table as a beautiful slicing, as the texture of the product will change.

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