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Is it possible to freeze the raw beets in the freezer

Time-consuming housewives, analyzing the methods of harvestingvegetables, come to the conclusion that it is most useful to freeze. This preserves the maximum of nutrients. According to some researchers, the nutritional value of frozen vegetables is higher than that of fresh vegetables, stored until the spring in cellars or cellars.

Frozen beets, for example, store up to 90% of vitamin C. Therefore, housewives need not doubt whether it is possible to freeze beets for the winter - this way of storing root vegetables is quite acceptable.

However, the beet can not be subjected to repeated freezing (it "kills" all the useful properties of the vegetable). Defrosted root vegetables should be consumed immediately in full.

This method of harvesting a vegetable is important for thosewho can not keep it fresh until the new harvest. In the apartments and warm vegetable stores the roots quickly fade, they lose their marketable appearance, juiciness and useful substances. Frost preserves the nutritional value of a delicious vegetable.

With the main question about whether it is possible to freezebeet for the winter, everything is clear. But it is necessary to decide which root crops are suitable for freezing: fresh or boiled, whole or chopped. All variations of frost are suitable.

The technology of preparing vegetables for freezing is simple,regardless of the form in which it is planned to be processed. For harvesting only suitable quality root crops, medium-sized (they have a fleshy juicy, burgundy color, without fibrous veins), thoroughly washed and dried.

Is it possible to freeze beets in containers,corrugations or plastic bags (especially those with a special lock)? This kind of packaging is ideal for freezing vegetables. For this purpose, small packages are suitable, containing a portion of beet, which is used immediately.

Is it possible to freeze beets for the winter in the usualrefrigerator or does it require a freezer? The freezer of a simple refrigerator will do a good job. Blanks of the same excellent quality are obtained if root crops are placed in aggregates with the function of deep freezing.

We'll figure out whether it's possible to freeze cooked beets andhow best to do it. A whole beet with a tail is selected for freezing. Root crops do not cut into pieces and do not remove tops from them with the remains of the tops. A little bit of vinegar is poured into the water for boiling the vegetable. Processed in this way, the beet retains a vivid color. Dishes are obtained from it in a rich color.

Roots are cooked, now it is necessary to decide,that is better: whether it is possible to freeze a beet grated, whole or shredded. Before shredding, remove the peel from the roots. For soups and a certain type of appetizers (for example, for Korean) its tinder on a grater. For salads, vinaigrettes, jellies shred with straws, cubes, asterisks (it all depends on the cooking technology and ideas of the housewives).

Cut or rubbed mass is shifted incontainers and subject to (if possible) deep freezing. Semi-finished products, without defrosting, add to the dish, almost reached the readiness. For salads, vinaigrettes and snacks, they are thawed. Boiled root vegetables allow you to shorten the cooking time of certain dishes.

Is it possible to freeze raw beets, will not they loseis it useful? Raw root crops are subjected to freezing, previously having cut off the peel from them. Peeled beets are ground on graters, slicers, blenders or food processors, obtaining beautiful cuts of different shapes.

Fresh beets, subjected to freezing, turn pale. When cooked, pieces of beets acquire an unappetizing brown color, and the dish is not sufficiently colored. Although the unfrozen beet thread also becomes brown, if the broth is not acidified with vinegar.

Is it possible to completely freeze beets for future use? Of course, so you can prepare fresh and boiled root vegetables.

Fresh root crops should not be peeled,tails and tops with the remaining tops. Vegetables, without defrosting or cutting, are dipped in water or broth, without forgetting to acidify the liquid. When the beet is cooked, it is taken out, cooled. Remove the roots from the roots and shred, giving the form that the technology of the prepared dish requires. In this case, the color of root crops, slicing and broths will be saturated.

Wholely boiled root vegetables, packaged inpackaged, sent to the freezer. However, for further use, they must be previously thawed (frozen fruit does not lend itself to shredding). In addition, we pay attention to the fact that the integrity of the beet is disturbed by the ice crystals inevitably formed inside the root crop. A beautiful cut from such semi-finished products can not be obtained.

Finding out exactly whether it is possible to freeze beets for the winter,learn how to properly prepare vegetable cuttings for harvesting for future use. If the entire portion of the chopped beet is added to the freezer, it will turn into a lump after being treated with cold, inconvenient to use.

Application options will be two - orTo lower all lump in a preparing dish, or to unfreeze a cutting (that it is not desirable, in fact the half-finished product will lose quality). Let's solve the problem: is it possible to freeze the beet for the winter in a simple way so that its slices do not stick together.

When the freezing process is carried out in 2 stages,beet slices do not freeze among themselves. Beet cut into a tray or tray in one layer, cover with a food film (which eliminates the direct penetration of cold air), and placed in the freezer. Cutting should stay in the refrigerator for about an hour with the "Fast freeze" mode (if, of course, the unit is equipped with this function).

The frozen chop is transferred to the corks or sachets, which have clamps. With this technology, beet slices are made crumbly and easy to use.

Having learned, whether it is possible to freeze a beet, mistresseschoose the favorite method of processing root crops for the preparation of semi-finished products, convenient for use in winter. From a frozen beet, especially chopped, a variety of dishes are quickly prepared.

Beetroot is the vegetable that does not go into businessonly root crops, but also the tops. Her young leaves are rich in useful substances. There are even varieties that give vitamins. In addition to root crops, some housewives freeze the leaves of this vegetable.

The beetroot tops freeze like any greenery. The washed leaves are dried well, finely shredded and packaged in small portions along the containers that are put in the freezer.

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