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At what temperature can I freeze the cottage cheese

Many housewives often have a situation wherethe products remain in the refrigerator, there is no desire to cook from them at once, and leaving them to disappear is not just a pity, but also very wasteful. Is it possible to store only meat and fish in the freezer? Is it possible to freeze cottage cheese? For some mysterious reason, it is milk products that are especially anxious about freezing, although this is not entirely true. One can involuntarily suspect a conspiracy of producers who want to tie consumers to the need to buy dairy products and cottage cheese every day, thus creating a stable and evenly distributed demand for time.

However, experienced housewives have long found out thatThe freezer is used for many types of food, which allows you to save time, effort and money. Cottage cheese is not in vain considered one of the most "quivering" dairy products, it is not stored for long, but in the diet should be present regularly.

In the fridge cottage cheese can be stored literallya few days, if it comes to the product of home cooking. The cottage cheese made at food enterprises remains somewhat longer, but this is only due to the use of pasteurized milk or, at worst, because of the added preservatives. Cottage cheese bought in the store can lie in the refrigerator for almost a week.

The easiest way to find out whether it is possible to freeze cottage cheese in such a way that after it has been defrosted it was edible and tasty is to experiment with a small amount of the product.

Cottage cheese can be dry, moist, greasy andskim, shop and home. How not to get confused in this variety, and whether it is possible to freeze cottage cheese for storage, if it is bought on occasion, without a special purpose to create a stock?

Homemade cottage cheese from unleavened milk hashigh percentage of fat, has a pleasant creamy tint and a sweetish delicate taste, is well stored, does not form whey impurities. Shop curd is usually sold in wet packaging, it's no accident: its moisture is higher than the product of home-made. There is quite a legitimate question: "Can I freeze cottage cheese, which contains so much moisture?". As experience shows, any product is suitable for this, you just have to follow simple rules.

A normal household freezer coolsproducts are not fast enough, and only this is the problem. Because of this regime, the moisture in the curd will freeze by ice crystals, changing the structure, and when thawing it is possible to drain the liquid whey. Taste qualities are not able to change just because of this, the consistency varies.

Then can I freeze the cottage cheese in this way,so that when thawing it completely retained its properties? To do this, it is better to use cameras equipped with the function of fast or shock freezing. In this case, the cottage cheese freezes more evenly, and when thawed, it differs little from fresh. Of course, before laying in the freezer, you need to pack the cottage cheese in dense polyethylene to protect it from penetration of foreign smells. Also suitable are plastic trays designed for food and resistant to low temperatures.

Confirms a positive response to the question of whether,Whether it is possible to freeze cottage cheese, presence on sale of every possible frozen pancakes, vareniki and casseroles with cottage cheese stuffing. If the cottage cheese really so badly suffered a frost, it is unlikely that the producers would have decided to produce such semi-finished products.

The purchase of pancakes or vareniki with cottage cheese can save a lot of time, but at a cost it costs at least 1.5-2 times more expensive than homemade food.

It is not necessary to buy factory semi-finished products. You can prepare meals for future use, nalapit varenikov, cook syrniki, which then will need only to warm up. Doubts of most housewives, wondering whether it is possible to freeze lazy vareniki from cottage cheese, cheese cakes and casseroles, are now easily dispersed. These three dishes are combined by the type of preparation of the curd mass. You can store them in the freezer as in the form of semi-finished products, and ready-made, then you will only have to warm up.

Asking about whether it is possible to freezecottage cheese in the freezer, housewives primarily seek to provide the family with delicious and healthy dishes, but do not spend too much time and effort. This is a great way to save money, because it is possible to buy products at a reduced price - many sellers agree to release cottage cheese at a discount if the buyer takes three to four kilograms at once.

Sometimes during the defrosting of curd semi-finished productsare damaged. For example, the whey may peel off, and the pancakes with the filling slightly soak. Is it possible to freeze the cottage cheese and hope that in case of thawing, there will be an ideal result? Of course, no one can guarantee this, even if the source product is of excellent quality.

However, cottage cheese can be considered one of the most"flexible" products. Soaked pancakes can be baked in the oven, in creamy filling, this dish will only get better. From watery cottage cheese you will get a delicious casserole and very successful cheese cakes. It is only necessary to put imagination, and the valuable product will not be hopelessly spoiled, on the contrary, in such cases, the culinary fantasy gets additional space.

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