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Is it possible to freeze jam for the winter

Various fruit and berry preservesis one of the most popular delicacies in our country. There are many options for its preparation, but almost all of them serve one purpose - to preserve berries and fruits, so that they can enjoy them on cold winter evenings.

But, with a certain degree of fantasy, based onjam can cook a wonderful refreshing dessert. In fact, it is a frozen jam, useful and tasty, based on natural ingredients, which can be used instead of ice cream in the heat. What berries and fruits can be frozen and how to do it correctly?

Virtually any berry and fruit are suitable forfreezing, it is only necessary to prepare it correctly. It is necessary to freeze ripe, unspoiled pure fruits, carefully dried beforehand. If you freeze large fruits, you must first cut them into slices.

If you want to freeze the prepared jam, thena clean and dried berries fall asleep sugar 1: 2 (sugar: berry), when let the juice, knead with a blender or whatever it is convenient for you to mash. After that, take a one-time package, preferably with a Velcro closure, pour the mashed potatoes into the freezer and put it in the freezer. You can put the package on the plate beforehand, so that it is more convenient. Depending on the capacity of your refrigerator, the package with jam is frozen, and can be stored as much as you need.

It is better to freeze the jam in the form of puree, andnot pieces. You can not freeze fruit with bones. Such a treat can be consumed immediately after a frost, cut into portions, can be added to lemonade. Frozen jam can be stored all winter, the taste and color of the berry so preserved even better. Frozen jam can be used in baking.

How to freeze jam from apples?

Before cutting into slices (2 cm thick) applesshould be washed in running water, then remove the core and peel. After that, blanched apples for 5 minutes, and then dipped into cold water. On the water from blanching we prepare syrup (kilogram of sugar per kilogram of fruit).

Fruit pour boiling syrup (about 600 gramssugar and a half cup of water), then leave for three hours. Bring to a boil, holding on a small fire. After five minutes we set aside. After 8 hours, repeat this procedure, add the remaining syrup. A few repetitions are enough, after which the jam is ready. To avoid sugar, add citric acid during cooking.

We take disposable bags with velcro closure,We wait until the jam gets cold and put it into the bag. Close, wait until the complete cooling and put in the freezer on a flat surface for freezing.

How to freeze jam from cherries?

Peel the cherries, sprinkle sugarsand, cook after 2-3 hours necessarily in the enameled basin and on low heat. Remove from the fire 2-3 times, do not forget to remove the foam, bring to a high fire until ready. Ready jam to cool and freeze in bags in a similar way.

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