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Can I freeze chanterelles without boiling them?

Perhaps you do not know how to freeze chanterelle ? The article describes

methods of freezing chanterelles. Look at 3 options, how to do it!

Everyone knows that chanterelles have a fabulous mushroom flavor, pronounced

pleasant taste and beautiful appearance. Therefore, they are used

in the preparation of a variety of dishes. And, as a rule, these preparations are not

are reduced only to the autumn.

To please the family with mushroom dishes throughout the year, you need to

in total, learn how to store mushrooms properly, and also properly freeze them.

After freezing food - this is the most reliable method of storage.

Mushrooms - this perishable product, which, moreover, with long-term storage

in a raw form accumulates in itself, harmful to the human body,

toxic substances. Therefore, it is recommended to freeze fungi a day

So, after collecting the mushrooms it is necessary to soak in ordinary water, then to clear from the forest

grass, dirt and foliage. Worm and porcine chanterelles are best immediately

to throw out. But beautiful mushrooms qualitatively sort out, selecting young individuals

After sorting the chanterelle it is necessary to rinse again preferably under running water

and thoroughly dry. In this case, young mushrooms will go to freeze, and old ones -

There are several options for freezing chanterelles. The most common of them -

it is freezing in raw form, in a boiled form, and also in fried or stewed.

  • Dry dried chanterelles can be packed either on sachets or on</ p>

containers for food products.

Place in a freezer and store there until consumed.</ li> </ ul>

  • Prepared chanterelles put in a saucepan, pour warm</ p>

water, place on a large fire and boil.

After boiling from the surface of the mushroom broth remove all

Cook the contents of the pan for 20-25 minutes and recline on

colander, in order to remove excess fluid.

After that, all the mushrooms are poured onto either a tray or a dish.

Dry it well and cool it, pack it in packages or

containers, place in the freezer.

Cooked mushrooms in frozen form can be stored for 3 months at

temperature, which will not exceed 18 degrees. More

long-term storage is not recommended!</ li> </ ul>

  • Washed chanterelles can be fried in oil or put out</ p>

Put in food container together

with liquid and freeze.

Such mushrooms are stored fewer times, but they are excellent

for cooking vegetable stew or mushroom salted water.

Also fried frozen mushrooms are often used in

the quality of the filling and pies, and pies.

Defrost such mushrooms necessarily at room temperature

So, all the ways to freeze the chanterelles are both convenient and effective. Wherein

we note that in the packaging of cooked and raw mushrooms, cellophane bags are more

practical, since they take up less space in the freezer.

But for stewed and fried mushrooms it is best to use plastic

containers resistant to low temperatures. Each sachet or container

When freezing it is recommended to sign, as all the mushrooms in the frozen

the form among themselves are very similar, and they are easily confused.

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