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Is it possible to freeze ginger with lemon in the freezer

The article gives several tips on how toto store ginger. Ginger is made from syrups, candied fruits, sauces, brewed beer, added to pastries. The root of ginger is used in fresh, dried and marinated. I want to keep the aroma and freshness of the healing root longer.

Spicy ginger tea saves from the common cold. The raw root can be eaten with lemon and salt. Fresh ginger has a bright scent. Dried, has a more pungent taste. Decide what you will use for ginger and choose the best method of storage.

Fresh ginger does not lose its properties for a long time. When stored in the refrigerator, it will remain fresh for 7-10 days. If you prefer to use fresh ginger and store in the fridge, then buy a small amount.

Fresh raw ginger root can be stored infreezer. For storage, it must be wrapped in a food film and placed in a freezer. After defrosting the product is not subject to repeated freezing. It is better to divide the root in advance into pieces of the required size.

Frozen pasta made from fresh ginger, it's comfortablea way to keep the product fresh and fragrant. Peeled and rubbed root is laid in a layer in a plastic bag, like a chocolate bar. The mass is shaped into a plate and put into the freezer.

If necessary, just cut off the rightamount from frozen tiles. This is the most convenient way to store. Small pieces of frozen ginger can be used to brew tea or add to the dishes when cooking. In folk medicine ginger paste is applied to the sick joints as a compress.

Candied ginger is stored in the refrigerator in thefor a month. The ginger root is cut into thin slices and boiled in sugar syrup (1: 1). One part sugar to one part water. Cook for 10 minutes. The syrup can be used for making drinks, and the candied root, this is an original delicacy.

For cooking tincture, peeled, slicedGinger pour vodka and put in a dark place for 2 weeks. Based on the tincture, sauces, seasonings are prepared, added to the dough for baking, in tea or coffee. The soaked root is used for cooking various dishes.

The ginger root is cleaned, cut into thin stripsand pour white grape wine. In this form, ginger is stored in the refrigerator for a month. Used for making sauces, adding to tea or coffee.

Dried ginger retains flavor for fourmonths. Store dried ginger in a dry, dark place, in a tightly closed container. When cleaning ginger, cut the peel with a thin layer. After all, the most active substances are concentrated in the surface layer, right under the skin.

Ginger is combined with mint, melissa, chamomile, nutmeg, cardamom, turmeric, lemon. Dried or fresh ginger, this is an integral part of the Indian spice mix of garam masala.

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