/ / Remains of wine can be frozen in ice molds

Remains of wine can be frozen in ice molds

5 tablespoons sugar (or to taste)

Juice of the 1st orange

2 oranges, cut into half circles

1 lemon, cut into semicircles

1 stick of cinnamon

50 ml brandy or cognac

200 ml of strongly aerated water (can be missed.

2) Remove the cinnamon, add water and mix well.

Serve sangria well chilled and with ice.

how the developers pickled the mushrooms

yyy: and you make a couple of debugging games, and then in production

zzz: so you can fuse all the mushrooms

yyy: you can freeze it

zzz: many products after freezing are not the same. cucumbers, for example

yyy: mushrooms can be frozen after cooking. it's norms

zzz: debugging mushrooms need not be good

xxx: there's a very short period for debugging and testing

zzz: debugging mushrooms can also be purchased from third-party sources

zzz: and then its in the production roll out when the recipe debug

yyy: pickled mushrooms in production do not roll out, but roll up

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