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Is it possible to freeze the peeled herring

I know, some do so, but I somehow fear. Is it possible?

I always do this, I buy fish fillets at the fish processing plantHerrings in trays and put in the freezer! On the trays written how much you can store a day at this temperature. I also freeze whole herring, but I do not hold it for more than a month.

Herring can not be stored for a long time inrefrigerator, since the freshness will begin to get lost, salinity will rise and after five days a white coating may appear on it. Save salted herring can be properly frozen, for this you need:

  • freeze only fresh salted fish
  • The fish should be cleaned, the head and giblet removed, the fillets separated and cleaned of bones, cut into strips 3 cm wide
  • to spread the pieces into jars, pour with vegetable oil and close the lid, place in the freezer
  • You can freeze whole fish, and cut them after defrosting. Herring will retain its qualities within a month
  • Defrost better in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours or at room temperature

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