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Is it possible to freeze fresh pineapple

Is it possible to freeze fresh or canned pineapple.

I remember in the Soviet era, sold frozen pineapple in packages. Mom bought for us such. Very tasty after defrosting. Then we still did not know what fresh pineapple tastes like.

Of course you can freeze pineapples. Before freezing, peel the pineapple skin. Cut it into slices or cubes, as you like and put in a plastic bag, or even better in a special container for freezing.

Frozen pineapple is inferior in taste to fresh. Personally, I prefer canned pineapple. He's even better than fresh. Everyone has different tastes.

Frozen fruit is worth it, if you get a pineapple at a great price. Then the frost justifies itself.

Pineapple can be frozen, without fear thatits taste will change. Of course, cutting it into the required lobules after peeling. This pineapple can be put instead of ice in a cocktail or champagne. This is the most convenient and best use of it in this form.

Of course, you can freeze the pineapple,cleaning it and cutting into small portions, spread out on the board separately from each other and into the freezer, then, get it and put it in a container or a plastic bag. Previously, there were frozen frozen pineapples, now fully preserved in syrup and fresh.

Of course you can freeze fresh pineapple. To begin with, it must be cut into portions. Then we put these pieces on a cutting board and send it for freezing to the refrigerator in the freezer. Then as soon as the pieces are frozen we put them into a special package for freezing.

You can freeze pineapples. To do this, fresh pineapple must be cleaned, cut into pieces or beautiful figures, put on a board and put in a freezer. In a few hours, when pineapples grab a frost, they can be put into sachets and put again in the freezer. Frozen pineapples retain flavor and almost do not lose useful properties.

You can freeze and canned pineapple. Frozen canned pineapple is best done in small containers. In the container pour the juice from the jar and add a few pieces of pineapple. Then gently put in the freezer. In a few hours you will get a delicious dessert, frozen juice with pineapple.

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